Monday, June 21, 2010

Swimming Lessons

As some of you know, Ben and I took the boys down to Southern Utah this weekend for an awesome family reunion!  We had a blast getting to see the family again and playing around in the sun.  It was a nice change in weather status, and we took advantage of every minute!

Since my side of the family is rather large (although, not as big as Ben's) most of us were staying at a hotel.  Which was super awesome because we had a pool and spa just down the stairs from our room.  We hadn't taken the boys swimming in over 2 years, and even then Nephi was just a baby and can't remember anyway -- so we thought it would be great to reintroduce the little guys to the joys of swimming.

I remembered to pack all the swimming suits, but we stopped at Target and bought the boys some "water wings" or "arm floaties" (whichever term you prefer), so they would have a little confidence in the water, we didn't have to spend a fortune on a life vest, and we felt a little safer having them strapped to the boys skinny little arms.  The boys were thrilled when we told them we would go swimming and they gladly donned the floaties along with their Thomas the Tank Engine swimming trunks I bought them last year on clearance.

But all the excitement was quickly snuffed when we got out to the pool and little feet got burnt on the hot cement.

Then they didn't trust the "water wings" and wouldn't leave the stairs...

They were hard-pressed to let go of the railing, even.

Not to mention the other kids splashing around and freaking my boys out by splashing water in their eyes.  Sam and Nephi had little if any fun that first day and after about 30 minutes asked to go back inside.

Day 2...

But I knew that the boys would love swimming if they just had the proper equipment.  So the next day we convinced the boys to give it another try.  But this time, we went to Walmart and bought a few supplies...
Day One Problems:
1.  Water in the eyes: Solved with goggles.
2.  Not enough float: Solved with blow up tubes.
3.  Hot cement: Solved with Buzz Light-Year water shoes.

The happiest, fastest, bravest kids in the pool!!
And happy kids in the pool with daddy, makes a very happy mommy back in the hotel room taking a much needed nap... for two hours...



The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

CUTE!!!!!! Love the goggles!! Glad they finally ventured in, what great pictures!

Shan B. said...

SWEET!!!! My boys have had fun swimming this year too. I need to get some of those tubes too!! Glad you got a nap too :)

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

So cute. Good job not giving up on getting them to love swimming. Glad you had a fun weekend!

Maranda said...

Nice!! I'm glad the boys finally got in the water and had a great time. I'm also glad you got a (most likely much deserved) nap!