Saturday, June 26, 2010

So What are you Afraid Of?

It was a beautiful summer day in Southern Utah, and the whole family was gathered around the picnic table in the backyard eating yummy BBQ hamburgers and hot-dogs.  We were laughing and sharing stories, you know the usual stuff families do at family reunions, when we had an unexpected visitor.

A very unwelcome visitor.

To the family, this visitor was just a nuisance, and we swatted him away.  But to little Nephi... the visitor brought horror and terror, the stuff nightmares are made of...

Scary isn't he?

Nephi flipped out and screamed bloody murder.  He just kept sobbing and sobbing and running around seeking sanctuary.  I try to be patient with this fear of his that developed last summer after he had been stung by a bee... but to Ben who was gone Army Training when it happened, has a hard time understanding this fear.  I tell him he doesn't have to understand it, just be sympathetic.  However, that doesn't cut it with a dad whose son is afraid of flies.  He feels it is stupid thing to be afraid of.

I quickly remind him of his fears of sharks, bears, spiders and jelly fish.  Which he is quick to defend himself explaining that those are life threating beasts and goes on to tell me all the horrible stuff he learned on the discovery channel about them.  (Note:  Men just shouldn't watch that channel... period!  It just causes to many problems...  That survival man!!  Grrrr... stop putting ideas in my husband's head!  And I won't even go on about Myth Busters!!)

Anyway, since flies aren't life threating, Ben feels that Nephi's fear is unfounded.

How do you remind people that everyone has different fears, and we should be sensitive to that.  I am terrified of heights!  I hate them!  I actually have a physical reaction to them.  Ben hates that too.  I just growl at him...  Oh, and is that a bear I see lurking behind that tree?!

Even if we think someone's fear is stupid, just laugh when they aren't around, because when they are, it isn't that funny.  I once saw a lady on a talk show that was deathly afraid of... wait for it... Balloons.  I am serious! She totally flipped out when someone came on the stage with one.

Now, what harm could a balloon cause?  Really?!  Oooooo here it comes.... it's gonna get you... Ooooo....

To us, well, the only thing scary about balloons is when it is dark and the balloon is in it's hover stage and in your half sleep trying to find the bathroom you think you see a head bobbing around the living room...  That can be a bit scary.

But just a regular old balloon... not that scary.  Yet that lady was horrified!

So my point is whether or not we are afraid of flies, bears, heights, germs, balloons, or even rubber duckies, it all proves just one thing:  We are all human.  We have faults.  So don't you dare tell me to "get over it!"

So with all that said... o, my gosh, Ben!  Is that a spider on your back!!!


So what are you afraid of?


Maranda said...

LOL! I love the end of this post! Too funny. I am pretty scared of water. I think I learned it from my mom though. I am scared of bugs too and can't help but pass that on to my little one. What can you do??

Maybe the popping sound of the balloon scared the woman?? Who knows...

BTW, I left something for you over on my blog and I hope you will pop over there and check it out. ;-)

Hilarious Homemaker said...

I'm scared to death of snakes and spiders! I can handle lizards and frogs, but snakes ( even the "good" king) and spiders are just awful!

Oh! And I hate roller coasters! Can't do heights and being a control freak I can't stand not being able to control the speed of those things! I can drive myself over 80 mph, but I dare someone else to!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, that story was SOOOOOOOOO funny!!! I am absolutely PETRIFIED of moths. They're so icky and gross and I really feel like their main goal is to get into my bra. Kinky, icky, dusty, GROSS!

Tobi said...

When I was a teenager our furnace broke in the middle of winter. Our furnace just happened to be in the downstairs bathroom. I was in the bathroom with the furnace literally shot flames out like a blowtorch and then made a horrible clanking sound and died. Scared me silly! To this day I hate furnaces and I refuse to touch them or even change the filter.

Our Family said...

I had to smile when I read Nephi's reaction to the fly. Not because I think it's funny, but because both of my children are deathly afraid of flies. I'm not sure could be because they're so fast and unpredictable. But, they've both had very similar reactions to Nephi's.

I love the show Mythbusters! I know it's disconcerting to you, though, knowing Ben could pull off most of their experiments.