Monday, June 7, 2010

Running in the Rain

I've been out of town all day today, and I really wanted to get my run in before the boys had to go to bed.  Peeking out the window, I was a little worried that it was going to rain.  It had been on and off light sprinkles all evening, but nothing serious.  I thought, "well, if it just stays like it has been for the last few hours, I could hurry up and run my 2 miles and be back in time to put the boys to bed on time."  So I hurried and dressed the boys in their Superman P.J.'s, and tucked them snuggly into the jogging stroller with fruit snack in hand -- key to a non-stressful and peaceful run.

So off we went...

I started out strong, the weather was cool and breezy, but not too chilly that I had to wear a jacket, and I was feeling good!  Then about a 1/2 mile into the run, all of a sudden, with no warning it started to pour down.  The thought crossed my mind to turn around.  I could slip and fall... or catch pneumonia again, or something like that.  I thought about the kids, they were snug and tight in the stroller and had the rain guard covering them to keep them dry.  They were okay...

I would be okay too.

I could do this!  So I kept going.  About a quarter of mile later I was drenched!  Water dripping down my face into my eyes; I could feel my mascara running as fast as I was.  But I kept pushing, my feet wet from the puddles, my shirt sticking to me (good thing it wasn't white!), and my MP3 player on the verge of shorting out.  There was a college soccer game going on ahead and you know what an audience does for an athlete? Makes them show off a little, and refuse to give up!  So there I was plugging through the rain, pushing 70 pounds of kiddo and even showing off a little by going a little faster.  There was a small crowd of people standing under umbrellas who looked at me, and someone yelled, "Now, that's determination!"  Some of them cheered me on.  I just waved and acted a little embarrassed, but we all know that inside I was saying, "Yeah! You go girl!"

And I kept running.  And it still poured down rain.

At about a mile and a half, I felt tired and ready to give up.  Would it hurt just to stop for a minute to catch my breath?  Or walk for a while?  No, I could do this!!  I HAVE to do this!

And run I did!

As I turned the corner to run the homestretch, I felt one last burst of adrenaline curse through me, and I pushed a little harder, ran just a little faster.  Then, just as I neared the end, the rain stopped suddenly.  And the clouds parted revealing the most beautiful sunset I had seen in a long time.  And I knew, that sunset was for me.

As I sit here typing this post, I started to think about how life was like running in the rain.  Sometimes, it seems easy at first, then when you are least expecting it, it gets hard, confusing, and miserable.  There will be many times when our shoes will be soaked from the puddles of life, and our mascara will run marking us with the trials and lessons we will have learned.  Sometimes it's cold, and sometimes it feels wonderful!  Once in a while we feel invigorated, and other times just plain tired!  At times, when we feel like giving up, there will be loved ones on the side lines cheering us on, making us push a little harder!  And there will be moments when we will feel like giving up, stopping, slowing down, walking or even waiting.  But we know that if we just keep pushing ourselves towards happiness and our ultimate goal of life long joy, we will find at the end of that hard and treacherous rainy road of life, the clouds will part on that homestretch, and at the end... there will be our sunset.

So run!


This post is dedicated to Grandpa Dee  
(29 July 1922 - 6 June 2010)

To the homestretch and sunsets


Jill said...

Glad it was you... and not me. I think I would have turned around. Good for you!

The Wifey said...

Good for you for keeping on going! I personally like running in the rain. If you want your shoes to dry out quicker put newspaper in them when you are done. Go you!

Our Family said...

That's awesome, Cat! This was a sweet post. I'm sorry about your Grandpa Dee. I know he is a wonderful man and will be missed by his wonderful family.

Maranda said...

Hi! I found you on HH6Diva's database thing.

I just wanted to pop in and say congratulations on your amazing run! It looks like you have come a long way. Congratulations!!! You are looking amazing and are OBVIOUSLY a force to be reckoned with. Keep it up girl!


Shan B. said...

Way to go Cat!!

Britt said...

Can I just say that I so needed to hear the things you said in your post. Thank you so much more then you know.

Anonymous said...

I love running in the rain. I loved this post- you are amazing! Thanks for the inspiration and the link to the mileage thing. The shoreline trail was on there wahoo.

Amy said...

Still waiting and looking for my sunset....:) Great post Cat, very inspirational.

Alicia said...

AWESOME!! Some of my favorite runs are in the rain.