Saturday, June 5, 2010

Potty Training with OCD

I think I have mentioned before that Sam is has a bit of OCD.  Now, we all have a little in us, whether it be about germs (such as: fears of public restrooms, McDonald's play areas, or public nose picking), liking things alphabetized or spaced right, or even about even and odd numbers and counting things.  Admit it, there is at least a couple things we all have in common with Monk.

Sam has a more than a few things in common with that "lovable" TV character.  For example:  Every Sunday when we go to church, we HAVE to park in the same parking place.  So to insure we get that sacred spot at the end of the sidewalk, we have to leave early every blasted Sunday morning.  If there is a car parked there, heaven forbid, there are tantrums and freak attacks and we miss the first hour of services.  So if you are in our church -- PLEASE don't pick to park in that spot at the end of the sidewalk that leads to the Primary Room if you have any love in you!

Don't you dare twist Sam's seat belt!

And always fill his cup to the right spot, you know that invisible line on the top that says its full enough.

Every fish stick must be cut into threes, and hot dog slices need to be even.  Ben forgot to cut the fish sticks once and he thought Sam was having a seizer.

Now comes the whole potty training.  Here is a typical potty time:

I call out: "Sammy, time to go potty!"  Sam comes running over and says, "Okay, mommy!"  We then precede into the bathroom.  Now, Sam is very independent and likes to do the next part on his own, no help.  Don't even TRY to help!  Don't even THINK about helping.  Sam makes sure that his Thomas Kid's seat is straight.  None of the crooked business -- that could be disastrous!!  He, then, carefully climbs up and sits himself down.  One thing I don't have to worry about is his aim.  He is VERY particular that he pees in the same spot every time.  When he is done, he carefully tears off ONE, and I repeat ONE square of toilet paper.  Then the fact that it is "quilted" and double layered just won't do!!  He meticulously separates the layers.  Throws one side, the less perfect side, in the trash and then uses the other.  Now, if the square tears in anyway, it's a throw away and try again until it is just right.  This process frustrates Ben like any other making it hard for me to motivate him to take a turn and take Sam to the potty.

Then the last step before the hand washing ordeal, is to make sure his "thing" is perfectly aligned in his big boy underwear.  This is a very serious moment, and don't you dare laugh!  I did once or twice and got the nasty crusty look from Sam.  It just won't due to have his "package" hanging just anywhere!  It must be centered between the seams in the front.

I'm still chuckling inside at this point that I don't get as irritated as I would have normally done when he refuses to dry his hands on any other towel but the brown one.  That brown towel BETTER NOT get dirty, because Sammy NEEDS that towel... the red or white one, just won't work the same!!

I love potty time.  And I am especially thrilled that it comes every wonderful hour of the day!  Meanwhile I am getting this mental image popping in my head that just won't go away!


What are your OCD Moments?


Shan B. said...

Cute...very cute.

Pamela Donnis Designs said...

Oh, this gave me a good laugh. So glad he's got potty time down!!

Jill said...

I am fully aware (as you know) about the whole potty training OCD thing. It was so exhausting at first. That is funny how particular he is. It's funny to us on the outside hearing about it but sometimes when you're living it, it isn't as funny. Glad you're laughing. Keep up the good work Sam!

Jessica Warrick said...

he definitly sounds like he may have a touch of Aspergers syndrom. has he been tested for it? my son is not as picky but he still has his things that have to be done a certain way or he freaks out. as he got loder things got easier on him. hope fully he will not develope anymore OCD symptoms. i am ocd about germs and using germX

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Great Blog, I came over from HouseHold 6 diva. Look forward to reading your blog.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!! What a character! My youngest DD has a bit of OCD with public toilets. If they are dirty, she freaks out--basically which means she just always freaks out because they are ALL ALWAYS dirty. Drama, disaster, yuck! But it's still funny and they're still so cute in their own little ways. LOOOOOOOOOOVED this story though, thanks so much for sharing! I could totally picture all of it, what a CUTIE he is!!!

A Military Wife said...

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Haley Hatch Freeman said...

I LOVED this post.
I'm glad you can laugh about it because I'm sure at times it can be frustrating.
My oldest son also has some OCD issues. Nothing too serious but from a young age he had to have things lined up just right and would not be able to function if he know a lid was off of the shampoo or something. He now has a process for the way he kisses our baby. It has to be a certain number of kisses and equal on both sides or else he goes into a panic. He also has to make sure both doors of the fridge/freezer shut the exact same time (which can leave him opening and closing them for a while to complete to his satisfaction) and the yogurts in the fridge have to be an even amount and in order. I could go on and on about his quirks. This year it actually developed into tourette type ticks of blinking hard and making a clearing his throat/growling sound. Our doctor said that often they will grow out of it so to just watch and wait. If he is still ticking in a years time then he will be offically diagnosed with tourettes. It has been 6 months now but for the last month or so they have calmed down and are almost gone!
Have you been given any advice on how to deal with Sam's OCD? One thing I learned is to let them see that they don't die or the world doesn't come to an end when they can't complete the process they want. For example, with my son "needing" to kiss my baby's checks in a certain way and order. I wouldn't let him once. He went crazy sceaming "I NEED to kiss his other check!" But I talked him through it and then distracted him. After a while we made it through and he saw that he could do it without his process and since then he has been almost completely over that behavior.
Wow- sorry for the long comment.