Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Measuring Your Miles

I have had quite a few emails this week asking me how they, my challengers, for the 120 Miles can measure their miles.  And I was going to wait until Friday to post this, but I thought, the sooner the better.  So here it is!  Below are a few options that I have used and may help you as well.

1.  Clock your walking route in the car.  I set my odometer to zero and drive my walking route.  This is my preferred method for city streets.

2.  My husband has a little speedometer on his bike and will ride out miles for me sometimes.SIGMA BC1106 DTS Wireless Bicycle Speedometer is a good one to check out, or here: Search for biking speedometer

3.  You can buy a walking pedometer that will tell you how far you walked and how many steps and all that.  You can get a good one at Walmart or K-Mart for under 20 bucks.  OR check out the bottom of my post for some great ones from Amazon!!

4.  We also have a watch with a GPS in it.  You can use any kind of GPS actually and carry it with you and it will tell you how far you went.  (See my amazon links below)  Truth be told, NOTHING motivates a reluctant husband to exercise (or do anything for that matter) than a cool high tech gadget!!  My Ben LOVES his... and his friends all want one too.

5.  You can check it out on Google Earth.  Mark your walking path out and they will tell you how far it is from point A to point B.

If you can think of other great methods, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

Some of the best pedometers that will measure distance as well as steps and calories burned, check them out!

Or if you want to spend a little more money and get something a bit more fancy and super fun too, check out these Garmin Fitness watches:

Search for gps runner watch

Sorry about the funky placement of these ads! I am just learning how to incorporate them into my posts... it isn't easy either!


Phannie said...

You can go to

click on the blue map of the US

go to create a route

put in your zip code

track your route on the map. It gives your exact miles.

It's awesome!! My favorite/easiest way to track my miles.

I'm usually pleasantly surprised about the distance I have gone when I get home.

kisatrtle said...

my ipod has a step counter and I like the walking game that you can get for your ds. it comes with a step counter too.

Anonymous said...

If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch, you can get this app: LogYourRun

It will track walking/running/biking with time and distance. There are also others that are free (I think I paid $1 for this one) if you just search for them :-)