Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Laughing at My Own Jokes

I have a really loud voice.

I can't help it!  I was born with it!  I talk loud face to face.  I talk loud on the phone.  And I talk loud even when I am trying really hard to be quiet!

Maybe I just have strong lungs or something.

I don't know.

And the sad thing is, I KNOW I am talking loud as I am talking to people and I can't seem to tone it down.  I am standing there thinking, "Man, my voice seems a little loud today..."  Then I don't change it.

I think people get a little irritated with my loud voice.


Could that be the reason everyone gathers up their kids and runs inside when I come outside with the boys?? "Oh, no!  Here comes Cat!!  Hurry, run inside before I am accosted by that loud voice of hers!"

And I think I make it even worse when I laugh at my own jokes.

I used to not, you know.  I have a very dry sense of humor, but no one knew when I was kidding around or not and they took me too seriously all the time.  I got annoyed, so I started to laugh afterwards to give them the clue that I was being funny.  It seems to work, most of the time...

But now, not only am I am obnoxious loud-talker, but I am an irritating laugher-of-my-own-jokes.  Why does life have to be so hard!?  And why can't social skills come easier to people like me?

Good thing I have a blog... I think I am a much better writer than talker.  When reading my stuff I am sure it doesn't SOUND LIKE I AM LOUD TALKING YOU TO DEATH AND THEN LAUGHING AFTER ALL MY LAME JOKES!!! HAHAHAHA

Oh, well, you can't win them all...


PS- Note to neighbors: I know you don't run in at the sight of me really :) Really?!


Amanda said...

I have one of those loud laughs too...my husband bumps me in restaurants and gives me that " honey they're looking at us" face.
I'm used to it though. Besides, most people laugh after just hearing me laugh. I don't think my hubby minds as much now that I've trained myself not to snort like "The Nanny". It was bad. Trust me.

Ruth said...

I am still looking for social skills too.

Cammy said...


My problem isn't so much sound volume but the amount volume. I seriously don't know when to shut my mouth. I don't know what it is but my brain seems to think I need to interject every thought I have into a conversation. I have been trying lately to cut it back a little but it is sooo hard for me to control my lips. LOL the silly things we do.