Tuesday, June 15, 2010

... And the Skinnies Pounced!

As a woman quickly approaching the big three-O, there is one thing that I find very difficult, but most of the time I just suck it up and bare it, and that is living on campus and having to deal with young, single, college students all the time.  Generally, they don't bother me too much, except for bad manners and careless driving, and I can ignore them pretty well.  We don't have much in common at all -- I am a wife and mother and they are still mostly teenagers finally getting a taste of freedom on their own.  I have adult responsibilities, they are still trying to figure out how to cook Raman Noodles without setting of the fire alarm.

We don't really socialize, because I live in Married Housing, although I have a few single friends who live here because they prefer family housing who are super cool and totally an exception.  But for the reason of this post, I just want you to think about what it was like when you were 18 and living with roommates, with worries only about what party you were going to that weekend or homework and tests or trying to get to class on time.  Like I said, I steer clear of these college students, and well, when they see me coming with two kids (one of which is usually waving wildly to everyone we pass yelling "HI!!!") they steer clear of me too.  And I don't mind one bit!

But once in a while, our worlds collide.

And there is a smaller version of the big bang.

One of these times happened last Saturday.

There was a Family Expo going on over to the school and I really wanted the 4 of us to go.  Not only did it sound like fun, but the world "Expo" actually means "A Lot of Cool Free Stuff."  And I was right!  We got all sorts a free things from books, crayons, bubbles to bookmarks, stencils, DVD's and much more!  Everything was going great, and I even ran into one of my 120 Mile Challengers who I had never met and she recognized me!  So I was feeling a little famous when we approached the last booth of the day.  It was the university's Health and Nutrition Department and their were two young college girls about 18 or 19 sitting behind it eyeballing Ben.  Now, men don't believe us wives when we say we KNOW when other women are flirting with our men.  But WE DO!  Why? How?  Because are women too!  We know all the moves and all the tactics... and it has nothing, I repeat NOTHING to do with jealously... well, most of the time.  I don't get jealous with Ben because I know he is devoted to me, and when girls hit on him when I'm not around, well, some don't look for a ring, other's don't care, but Ben comes home, tells me about it and we get a good laugh.  No big deal.  But I think it is really trashy to hit on a married man in front of the wife and kids... wouldn't you agree?

So we walk up to this booth and instantly these "Cute" little college girls jump up and all but pounce on my sweet innocent hubby.  I was distracted at first by the huge 10 pound lump of fat sitting on the corner of the table.  I could not believe I had lost almost 9 of those in the last year!  And I said it out loud because I suddenly got the attention of the girls.  But all I got was a sickly sweet "Oh, that's nice" and "good for you" and I am sure that if there hadn't been a table between us I would have gotten a head pat too.

There is one pet peeve that I have, that it's really hard for me to hold my cool when it is so rudely thrust upon me, but I hate it, HATE it when people talk down to me like I am an idiot child.  And that is just what these girls did.  First off, I had 10 years on these girls, as far as they knew, I could have my PhD... they don't know me.  All they could see was a woman with two kids, a hottie for a hubby, and used to be obese... yeah, I must be an idiot.

They completely ignored me and started gushing on Ben, telling him how muscular and strong he was, asking about his workout schedule and then about the Army when it came up.  They were really impressed with him and convinced him to use their little body fat machine and then they drooled again at his low numbers.  They did just about everything like standing in front of me while they were talking to him and I think I saw the brunette trying to feel his muscles... The whole thing was simply nauseating.  I was glad when we started moving on, but they stopped me when Ben got distracted by something else.

"We should take YOUR body fat percentage!"  They cooed.
"No thanks, I already know mine," I said.
"Oh come on, we are like totally curious as to what yours is since you claim you lost 90 pounds..." the key word here is "claim."  Excuse me?!  I started to walk off with the boys but they had me cornered and pushed onto a scale in full clothes, after a large lunch, and PMS with 10 pounds of water weight clinging to my thighs. Not my best moment for stepping on the scale.  They didn't make Ben weigh... they just took his word for it... but they snickered and rolled their eyes when they saw my elevated weight.  I looked around for Ben to come save me, but I couldn't see him, he had really wandered off, and while I was looking I heard the girl punching in numbers and settings on her body fat thing and she put in "Obese" for my body type setting instead of "Active" which I told them I was and makes the HUGE difference in calculating the body fat.

Anyway, they shoved it in my hands and I know the percentage was going to be high because they rigged it.  And then they smirked about it when it was.

"Well," said the blond with beedy eyes. "You're almost there!" head pat. "You only have like 70 more pounds to lose and then you will be normal!"  Big sassy grin on her face.  Now, most moments in my life I can come up with a pretty quick comeback and take on the day, but when people insult my weight and everything I worked so hard for, I found myself speechless and hurt... but instead of showing that they got to me, I just smiled and said, "Well, that would be silly."  Their turn to look speechless.  "My husband wouldn't want me if I was some ugly skinny girl, now would he!?"  I fake laughed like we were old chums, patted the blond's shoulder as if she was really "in" on the joke, grabbed the boys' hands and we walked away to join Ben.

Final score:

The Skinnies: 0
Sexy Mama: 50!
Ben: -1 (Just for ditching me with harpies)



Michy said...

Stopping by from Military Spouse Bloggers! Good story. I like how you handled it. :-) I probably would have been a lot more rude, and unnecessarily so..

Congrats on all the amazing weight loss! You're obviously not an idiot by any means. :-)

Marci said...

So funny Cat, but also so annoying. Why do some girls do that? You handled it very well though. I might have turned it into a boxing match.

Alicia said...

Way to go!!

Phannie said...

Oh How RUDE!! I would have squashed both of them into the ground. I HATE the government Obesity Scale (as I call it). I have been "morbidly obese" since I was 12. My weight and my height have never seen eye to eye. I'm sure you are just fine.

Stupid Skinny Girls.

And I can't believe they were hitting on your husband. Double Rude.

One Cluttered Brain said...

How ruuuude!!!

Stupid STUPID skinny girls!

You are beautiful and you have made tremendous progress!!

How dare they hit on your husband...Grrrr..

This reminds me of an old movie quote: "Face it girls, I'm older and I have more insurance."

Maranda said...

Aren't you so glad that you have nothing in common with those kinds of people??? Great job rising above their petty, childish behavior.

Meagan Frank said...

I'm sorry you had to endure that, and I agree with the -1 rating for your hubby. You should be so proud of yourself...for how far you've come, for how maturely you handled that and for the 10 extra years of wisdom that will keep you from hanging too long with that crowd. Keep at it!