Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Steal

I know next to nothing about bikes.

If it has wheels, a seat, brakes, and doesn't make clicking noises, it's fine by me!

Ben, on the other hand is a bike guru. He knows all about them, how to take them apart, make them better and then put them back. We bought a bike for him 5 years ago at a second hand store for $20, because that was all we could afford, and he fixed it up and has been riding it to school and to work ever since. It's an old bike, over 20 years old, but in good condition and it has worked well for him.

But he has been bothered by two things for all those 5 years.

1. He wanted me to have a bike so we could have family rides.


2. He really wanted a new bike, a nice one, but knew we couldn't afford it.

As for number one, you try riding a bike at near 300 pounds!! NOT FUN! I just couldn't bring myself to get excited to shove my body on a seat and try to balance there AND peddle around for an extended length of time.

So you can imagine his joy when I lost all the weight and decided bike riding may be pretty fun now. My friend, Sherri, bought a new bike and sold me her old one for $20, which thrilled me to no end and made Ben even happier. To top it off, not only did it have one of those larger cushy seats, but it is pink!
I am such a pink girl.

But of course, me getting a new bike, brought up issue number two. Ben really wanted something newer. I just kept telling him to keep his eyes open for students graduating and selling their bikes. And secretly, I know he has been looking for bike deals at the stores we visit. He, certainly deserves a new bike after all the hard work he does for this family... but there are just so many bills to be paid!

Then yesterday, I got this picture text:
"$80 Or best offer. -Ben"

Hmmm... I thought... $80?  I only paid $20 for mine... and a bike IS a bike, right?  I text messaged him back, "Well, you deserve a new bike!  See if they will take $50?"

He didn't answer me back, but called me an hour later.

"So what did you think?" He asked me.

"Well, it looked pretty cool.  Did you call on it?"

"Yeah, I want us to go look at it tonight," he told me.  Sure, that was fine, I said to him.  He sounded really excited.

So later on that night we all jumped in the car.  Ben had put the bike rack on the trunk, "just in case."  When we got there, the boys and I waited in the car while Ben went up to the door to "look" at the bike.  Ten minutes later he came back with it.

"What do you think?"

"It's pretty cool..."  A bike is just a bike, after all...  He hopped on and wrote it around testing the bikes and shocks.  Then he jumped off and started putting it on the car.  Wait a minute...

"I thought you were just checking it out, sweetie... did you buy it?"

"Yeah, she wouldn't sell it for less than 80 and let me have it right now.  She wanted to wait to see if someone else would pay the full price and I really wanted this bike!"  His face looked so pleadingly happy (if there is such a thing) that I gave in.

Ben was smiling his face off as we drove home, I, on the other hand, was just sure we had been ripped off.  So when we got in the door, and after we put the kids down, I popped on the internet to look up that bike and see how much it was really worth.

You can bet my socks blew right off my feet when I saw the SAME bike "on sale" for $300!!!!!!  No wonder Ben was in the other room petting the bike lovingly!!

Yeah, not feeling so ripped off now... feeling like we did all the ripping...

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The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

No way!!!!! That is such a deal, SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! And so random, I *just* did a post about bikes too! :)