Saturday, May 15, 2010

Out of Shape. Out of Mind.

Ben has been dying to try out his "new" bike all week on a real bike trail. This has been a moment I have been dreading for some time now. I knew the day would come when he would make me do a trail, and today, I just didn't feel like I was ready as I watched him hitch our bikes onto the back of the car.

I thought about crying.

I thought about complaining.

I thought I might, just might bring up my pneumonia.

If all that failed, I would just cry harder.

Instead, I bucked up and played happy. I could do this. I KNEW I could do this. After all, what was I afraid of? Hills? Yeah, I was pretty scared of those. Cattle guards? Yep, those too. Let's just face it, I am a certified chicken.

Besides, Ben was so happy to get out, I just couldn't be the hair in his soup! So off we went on the hour long drive to Bear Lake. At work, he had heard that there were some paved trails up around the lake, and I was all for that. But, as luck would have it, we drove most the way around the lake and never found a trail at all, let along a paved one. But fortune was on Ben's side when we found a cool mountain trail, that looked pretty good for a nice bike ride.

So we got the kids out of the car and "saddled up!"

Ben offered to pull the kids.  Which was kind, but face it, realistically, he HAD to pull the kids if he wanted me to come, because there was no way in Hades that I was going to do it on a trail.  Remember:  I am a beginning biker.  The most practice I have had in the last 15 years was only in the last month cruising around campus.

So off we went.

I thought I was going to die!  Oh, my gosh, I was so out of shape!  What did pneumonia do to me!  I looked over to Ben who was just cruising along.  The jerk.  I felt like my legs were going to fall off.  But I just kept going, there was no way I was going to stop and look weak.

It seemed like we were going up hill constantly.  But Ben reassured me that it was flat and I just needed to change my gears.  What?!  Gears?!  What are those?

It didn't help.

This was so hard!

I think I will cry.

No, just keep pedaling, Cat!  You can do it!  Our goal was to bike 3 miles up the trail and then turn around.  It so happened that there was a little lake at the end of the 3 miles.  It was beautiful.  I convinced Ben to let us stop so the kids could get their wiggles out... but secretly, I was wasted!  So we took some pictures...
The boys taking a break on the rock... like they really worked hard to get there!
Am I looking hot in my camo pants or what?!  The boys and I are totally coordinating!

I was NOT looking forward to the trip back.  I was just so out of shape, and really disheartened because I thought I was stronger and fitter.

Reluctantly, I got back on my bike.  We started riding... wait a second... this is so much easier!  Either, the lake gave me some new super biking powers or we had been riding uphill for 3 miles!!

YIPPPPYYYYY!!!!  We cruised down the hills, the boys yelling whoops from the trailer and Ben and I had smiles glued on our faces.  We weren't out of shape after all!  Apparently, the trail was at a slight incline the whole way, so we couldn't really tell we were going up hill, but our legs knew.  It took us 1/4 th of the time to get back to the car, and boy was it a blast!  We were cruising fast, wind blowing against us, and our legs feeling so much more relaxed.


When we got back to the car, Ben confessed that the ride up was killing him too.  He was thinking the same thing I was, how out of shape he really must be!

Turns out we are in a lot better shape than we thought we were!  I love it when stuff like that happens!


The Mom said...

That is so awesome! Great job!

Our Family said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love the photo of the boys looking at the lake!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect day!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You look infinitely cuter in your dorky helmet than I do mine, haha! :) LOVE it!

Audrey Carlson said...

I'm so glad you got our for a ride and didn't give up! False Flats are a real killer. Plus, my husband who races always reminds me that there is a difference between being in shape and being in bike shape. Watch out, you may get the bug and start doing really long rides.