Monday, May 31, 2010

Honoring Our Soldiers. Now, Then, and Forever!

I like to think of myself as a "True Blue American".  Like most of you, my roots are from Europe, and you can't look at me without thinking Scandinavian, either.  But my ancestors came to this land for freedom a long, long time ago.  They fought for independence in the beginning against England.  They fought in the civil war.  And so on, through WWII and up to today in the War on Terror.

And then I married a man with same kind of history.

And we are making more history together.  For our children... and their children.

So for this Memorial Day, I want to thank the men in my family who have fought for our freedoms we enjoy today, and who continue to fight now.

My loving husband, Ben:

He's still at the beginning of his service, but it feels like our little family has already sacrificed a lot already.  As hard as it has been, we love feeling part of something greater.  My heart just melts when I am with my husband in uniform and people stop to thank him for his service.  I know a lot of military wives out there think and feel like we wives shouldn't feel apart of it all, but I say:  We signed up for it together!  I may not have gone to Army boot camp, but I did single mom boot camp all the same.  He may be serving our country physically, but I am serving my country by supporting and uplifting my soldier from home.  I care for our children, our home, and all the bills and other stuff so he doesn't have to worry about us.  I am proud to be an Army Wife in every sense of the title!

My Brother-in-Law, Jared:

Jared and I have been friends for years.  I was sixteen when we first met and stayed buddies through high school.  I feel really blessed to have him for a brother now.  Jared has served 2 tours in the Middle East and is currently stationed in South Korea.  A huge THANK YOU to Jared and his family for their service and sacrifice!  We love you guys!

My Father-in-Law, Kevin:

He just recently got back from a tour in Iraq.  I have to admit it felt pretty cool to say my boys' grandpa was serving in Iraq, their uncle in Korea, and their dad in DC.  So a big, huge thanks to Grandpa (and Grandma) all he has done for us and our country!

To Ben's Grandpa, Dee:

Grandpa Dee is a WWII veteran.  Sadly, he isn't doing too well these days so we are cherishing our time with him.  So I wanted to just take the time to thank him for being a great man, for his service to his country, for raising my husband's father, and helping my Ben be the man he is today.  Thanks, Grandpa.

My Grandma, Ruth:

Women were only allowed to do certain things for the military during WWII and grandma served her best.  She was an airplane mechanic.  I never knew her, she died when my mom was young, but I think of her often and wonder about what kind of person she was.  I thank her for her service too.

And last but never least...

My Grandpa Amos:

"Papa Amos" passed away when I was 18, and I miss him all the time.  I wish he could have met my new family... my Ben and the boys.  I know he would have loved them.  Grandpa served in the Navy in WWII, was a recipient of the Purple Heart for injuries during the Battle of Guadalcanal.  I miss you, Grandpa, and always remember you, especially on Memorial Day.  Thank you.

I hope that while we are off in our boats, camping, BBQing or whatever it is we do on Memorial Day weekend, we can take a few moments every now and then, pause, remember, and give thanks to those who fought and are fighting for our freedom to live as we choose.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!



Tobi said...

My grandfather was also in the Navy during WWII and he also served on small island right next to Guadalcanal. His brother, my great uncle served on Guadalcanal. Crazy right?

P.S. You are soooo right about the Army Wives deserving some credit. We do a lot too!

Catherine said...

We are spending the weekend with Grandpa Dee and see his health failing daily so this post made me cry. He sure is an oustanding man! Thanks for writing a tribute for him, my Uncle Kevin, and my amazing cousins, Jared and Ben. That's so neat your Grandma and Grandpa served their country as well. What a beautiful post celebrating all these men and women! Love it!

Guilty Mother said...

The role of the wife is just as important, esp for a husband knowing the love of his life supports and respects all he is doing and can take care of everything whilst he is away serving his country.

Lovely tributes Cat.

Krystal said...

I am finally catching up on all of your posts from the last time I read...and I completely agree with you!! I think it's a whole family sacrifice!!! We have to make sure everything is taken care of back the takes a strong woman to be a military wife!!! I thank my husband all the time for defending our freedom...and the freedom of people he doesn't even know!! Hope you guys had a great Memorial Day...and Happy late birthday to your little man!!!

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

what neat pictures! I didn't realize you had so many family members in the service as well.
I respect army wives sooooooo much!! You are all amazing!