Friday, May 7, 2010

Fat Butt Friday: Pneumonia and the Flu: Great Ways to Lose Weight!

Seriously though, who doesn't lose weight when they get sick? I'm telling you, it's quite the plateau breaker, getting some sucky illness. I lost about 5 pounds being sick. At least I got something out of the misery.

There is a down side though, the minute you start eating again, you will most likely gain it back. Bummer, I know. C'est la vie!

So in all honestly, I don't really feel like I can count my mini weight loss due to illness. How fair is that? Talk about cheating! But I have almost kicked this pneumonia (dance of joy) and hopefully tomorrow this flu will be gone... oh, didn't I tell you? Yeah, I got the flu last night. All day yesterday I didn't have much of an appetite, I thought it was just my pneumonia meds or something. Then last night, Ben took me out for Mother's Day dinner, since he had to leave right after to go to his Army Drill weekend and will be missing the big day on Sun. So there we were in my favorite restaurant eating chips and salsa and I start feeling queezy... oh, no...

The main meal came and I managed two bites... when suddenly... I felt really sick. Yeah, our night ended with me vomiting in the bathroom. Last night was rough, but I feel a bit better come this morning, and probably down another pound. But I don't even feel like stepping on that scale, the flu just sucked all the fun out of it!

Hopefully, I will be feeling better soon and I can get back to the gym -- I miss it SO bad!

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Tobi said...

I'm so sorry Cat. Being sick with two terrible viruses at the same just plain stinks! Feel better very soon.