Friday, May 28, 2010

Fat Butt Friday: Overcoming our own Fitness Monsters

The Man who Thinks He Can

If you think you are beaten, you are;
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you'd like to win, but think you can't
It's almost a cinch you won't.
If you think you'll lose, you've lost.
For out in the world we find
Success begins with a fellow's will:
It's all in his state of mind.
If you think you're outclassed, you are:
You've got to think high to rise,
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You'll ever win that prize.
Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But sooner or later the one who wins
Is the man who thinks he can.
-Walter D. Wintle

There is a hill by our apartment. A MONSTER of a hill. Everyone talks about it, and what a challenge it is to even walk up it. And lucky us, we live right on the top of it!
Looks daunting, doesn't it?  You can't even see the top in this picture...

I always pitied the bikers that forged that hill, I would see them breathing hard and sweating red faces... same with the runners. I would tell myself as I drove by them, that I would never in my right mind do that. What were they thinking?! What does it prove?

Last year my friend and I started walking that hill a couple nights a week. At first we would just walk down it, then we started walking up it. It was super hard at first, and being near 300 pounds myself, sometimes I thought I was going to die. But slowly my body got used to it and now I can climb up it with no problem at all. Now I can even jog up it on a good day.

But on a bike?

Heck no!

But these last couple months, that hill started taunting me. Daring me to try my new bike on it's frightening slope.

"Leave me alone!" I told it one day after a particularly nasty comment directed straight at me. "I may be nuts, but I am not that crazy! Not a chance would I make a fool out of myself on you!"

But it didn't stop.

The taunting continued, and last week... I gave in.

Ben and I took the boys to the store in the bike trailer. But to get to the store, you have to go down the hill. Which is super fun... on the way down. But on the way back?

There was a slight incline for about a mile, even before the hill, so I was already a little burned out -- I am still a beginning biker you know. But as I stood at the bottom of the hill looking up, I sneered. "I am ready to take you on, baby!"

And off I went...

After about 20 seconds I started to feel the pain... lots of pain... everywhere. I could hear the hill laughing at me, telling me I couldn't do it. To give up. "No way!!!" I told it, "I can do this!!"

I remembered the wise words of one of wisest studs I know:

"Try not. Do, or not do. There is no try." --Yoda

So, I decided to take a page from my pal, Yoda, and not just TRY, I was going to DO! And I pushed and pushed those pedals until I felt like I was going to tip over. I just kept going until that sweet moment when I reached the top! I had done it!!! I had conquered my personal Fitness Monster! I may have felt like my legs were gone, but I didn't care -- I felt like weeping for joy... but I didn't.

We all have our own Fitness Monsters. What's yours? Remember, the sweetness of reaching a goal isn't as sweet if it isn't hard to reach. Your greatest growth will come when you reach higher than you ever have before. NEVER EVER settle for less than what you want!! Go for it!!

Like the famous, and one of my very favorite, poems above states: The prize doesn't always go to the best, it often goes to one who thinks he can.

And I KNOW you can!

I am still taking challengers for 120 mile fitness challenge! So far we have almost 40 signed up to do it! And lots more that are "silent challengers." I also have a few that have commented that they want to, but haven't sent me any contact information -- so if you are one of those, please jump on that and email me.

No matter what your goals are this summer, reach for them, and make it work!


Otter Thomas said...

I live on top of a hill so when I used to run I always had to run uphill to get home. Not good times. Congrats to you on conquering your hill. Even more congrats to you for using one of my favorite Yoda quotes in a post.

Have a Happy Memorial Day and tell Ben I said thanks for his service.

Alicia said...

Wow, what an inspiring post!

Audrey Carlson said...

Hills are very daunting on a bike...but if you do it once you know you can do it again!!! That's so awesome. I love your Yoda quote. I might have to borrow that for inspiration.