Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daddy is a GIRL!!!!!!!!

There comes point in every parent's life, when it's time to teach your kids all about gender.  For many of us, this comes at an early age 2 or 3, but for some of us it comes when they get a little older like 5 or 16.

My boys are just discovering that there are differences between boys and girls and they are really trying hard to figure out what they are.  First of all, they figured that all kids were born boys.

Me:  Sammy, are you a boy or a girl?
Sam:  I'm little.  I'm a boy.
Me: What is Nephi?
Sam:  Nephi little too.  Nephi boy.

Then they think that when we grow up we become girls...

Me: What's mommy?  A boy or a girl.
Sam:  Mommy BIG GIRL!
Me:  Is daddy a girl or a boy?
Sam:  Daddy is a VERY BIG GIRL!

Then they argue with you when you disagree.  So, you try to correct them in loving way...

Me:  No, sweetie, Daddy is a big boy! (At least he was last time I checked)
Sam:  No way, Mom!  (the new phrase of the week)  Daddy's a girl!!!!
Nephi pitching in:  Yes! Daddy's a girl!

At this point they start running around in little circles singing "Daddy is a girl!"  Good thing Ben was at work, this might have been damaging on his manly-man ego.  So I decide to mix things up on them...

Me:  So does that mean you are going to grow up big and tall and be a girl like Daddy?
Sam and Nephi:  Yes!!!  Wanna be a girl like daddy!!!

Got to love kids and their worthy aspirations in life... and worthy one it is...  However, how much do you wanna bet it won't be so cool to wanna be a girl in a couple years down the road?


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Jill said...

My daughter has also discovered that not everyone in our family is a girl. With my son being potty trained and a new baby in the house getting a diaper changed, there are plenty of opportunities for her to be curious. Always fun times with little kids and their questions/thoughts!