Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guest Writer: Missy -- Artist & Photographer

I was and will again be an art major, but currently, I'm not in school and find it difficult to find motivation to just get up and do art. I love art and really want to do it but need an extra push. I created a group on Facebook with a few friends to give myself that push. We have projects and due dates, we post and discuss our art with each other. 
It's been great. 

Project #3 (Missy's Idea):

Take something ugly, and make it beautiful. Use any medium. Be creative!

Due date: March 8th

I got the idea for my project while making a poster on a cardboard box for Sasquatch! Music Festival 2010. I thought it
would be cool and ironic to make a beautiful hobo poster. I got a paper bag, ironed it and added Sharpie. I wrote a generic beggar quote "Homeless and Hungry Anything Will Help God Bless" in a psychedelic type font I've been liking lately. The background is a pattern I saw on the inside of my eyelids when my eyes were closed while washing my face in the shower. I added a silhouette of a dancer in the top right corner in the same color as the background so as to make it understated. And the elephant ghost king on the opposite corner is my interpretation of a many legged creature I saw a child draw on our trampoline at work. I added the aluminum foil crown to give the piece some pizzazz. Enjoy!

 This is a photo I took on February 28 at Woodard Bay in Olympia, Washington. I used my Canon Rebel XT (digital SLR) with a fisheye lens. Upon moving to Olympia, I discovered these green shag carpeted trees are in great abundance. Olympia is a beautiful rain forrest full of outdoor wonders for me to photograph. This particular photo I was getting really into my fisheye lens and loving the fact that I could photograph a towering tree in its entirety. I have quite a few towering tree photos at Woodard Bay but this one the light just clicked on.
I took this next photo in February as well just outside my house, behind our apartment complex. I used my Canon REbel XT (digital SLR) with a modified Holga lens. This lens was brand new to me so it was one of my very first attempts using it. The Holga is known for it's dreamy, surreal and vintage style photos. I told my boyfriend to sit down on a broken down truck shell for the photo and I got a good shot with little effort. Learning photography on my own has been so fun so far and I have so much more to learn!
 -Thanks, Missy

PS If you have any questions or would like to see more of me work, you can contact me here!

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