Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guest Writer: Beckee's Deals: "Dealing" with Kids

Wow, I am really excited to be able to be a guest blogger for Cat! Isn't her blog great?!  Let me tell you who I am. My name is Beckee and I have a blog about deals. I love to save money and nothing gives me a high like scoring a big deal and saving money!! But, I also hate shopping. Especially with 4 kids 7 and younger.  So, recently I wrote this post about a rough shopping trip. I hope you enjoy it, and if you get a chance, check out my blog: http://beckeesdeals.blogspot.com/
 I love this picture because it visually explains how I feel about shopping. I LOVE to get a great deal, and when I do, I am happy, smiling and content as with cutie on the left. But I also hate shopping. I hate bundling up 4 kids in the cold snowy weather and fighting with them through numerous stores, which may or may not have the deals available, may or may not take my coupon, may or may not give me a big hassle for using so many coupons, etc. etc. etc. So, I often leave the store in complete breakdown mode like cutie #2 on the right. Today I felt a little of both. I share this story with you all to let you know that if you too get frustrated, I am there with you! I want to preface it by saying that MOST of my shopping trips are (luckily) MUCH less eventful and generally speaking I have well behaved kids-this was an exceptionally bad day behavior wise...
I had 2 RR (Register Rewards or Catalina's-basically coupons you earn from a store when you purchase certain items that can be used on your next visit to get money off) from Walgreen's that were expiring today. So, I had to go out there, and since the Hollywood Video that is closing today is right next door, I thought I would check out the last minute deals there as well. My kids are 7, 5, 3, & 1. Usually my 7-year-old is a major helper, but today all she did was start fights with the 5-y-o, the 3-y-o is basically always "on one" and saves up his worst behavior for store trips, and my 1-y-o is just grumpy and feeling sick from ear infections. So, right off I was screwed. (Did I mention that my husband is a resident physician and is on a 24 hour call?!)
I went to Hollywood Video first, and found nothing, NOTHING worth getting (and really not great prices for a close-out sale). So, after browsing for 10 minutes I was more than ready to go-but had to pry movies out of the children's hands to leave behind before we left.
On to Walgreen's where the oldest 2 were fighting and the 3yo was just all over. I went to pick up my stupid free 8X10 picture from a special the other day, but guess what-I do not still have my photo release from the photo shoot from 6 years ago and did not even think about bringing it anyway-so I could not get the photo. I was annoyed and mad at this point so I told the idiot photo girl that I want to see her shred the already printed photo so no creeps end up with the pics. She says she can't-against policy (I wrote to corporate about that one already).
On to using the expiring RR-I needed envelopes and thought I would buy a couple other things that would give me new RRs so I could "roll" my current RR (Meaning I could use the one I had to purchase something that would give me a new one to use on my next purchase/trip). So,  I decided on the 2 boxes of envelopes I needed, some lip stuff that was $2.99, but you get a $2 RR back when you purchase it, and 3 new candy bars that are on sale 3 for $2, but you get a $1 RR when you purchase them. So, I went to check out, rang up my order, and gave the guy my 2 RR-each worth $3, which brought my Out of Pocket cost to $1.96, and I should have gotten back $3 in RR (one for $2 and one for $1).
As I grabbed my reciept, the 3yo, who has emptied many shelves of merchandise while we were in the store (which I will note I did clean up), now decided that he cannot wait another minute to run out the door into the giant mud puddle in the parking lot (on the edge). I sent 7yo after him so I can get 1yo out of cart. The 7yo refuses to go after 3yo as she is still mad and pouting about getting in trouble for her earlier fight/tantrum. So, 5yo goes after 3yo. Both 3yo & 5yo end up in puddle before I run out with 1yo & 7yo. Great...muddy boys.
I get everyone buckled in the van, and think-well at least I made money on this trip ($1.96 out of pocket with $3 back in RR) then I look at my receipt and change still clutched in one hand and realize-they did not give me the $1RR!  DANG!
So, at this point I think, is it worth going back in for a buck?
In the end I still "made" money (4 cents) which makes me happy like cutie 1, but it was a major hassle, so I left feeling a bit like cutie 2!
Ever have days like that?!



DaveandRuth said...

Whenever I take all my kids to the store it ends up this way. Which is why I try REALLY hard not too. However with a husband on call 24 hours, I can see where it would be hard to not take them all. Unless you went while the older two are in school. I LOVE school. 4 of my 5 kids go there for at least part of the day, so that when I get home in the afternoon from working and need to go to the store I only have to take 1. I think I will check out our blog for the deals! How much longer does your husband have as a resident?

Beckee said...

My husband is a rsident for another 2 years...then he will still be a doctor for the rest of our lives...

But after residency it should get better schedule-wise! Thanks for your response!