Friday, April 16, 2010

Fat Butt Friday: Secrets to Productive Exercise and Weight Loss!

Ahoy, me matees!  Sorry for going a little rogue on you all and disappearing for a couple of days.  (Although, I think I do make a wicked looking pirate, don't you think?)  So, the sun came out, you see, and the boys and I have been outside all day... computer and internet forgotten in the sunshine.  But you'll forgive me right?  Yeah, I thought so...


This is kind of a "What I wish I had known when I was fat" post. Because seriously, I have had to do so much research and learning on my own about weight loss and exercise, I really wish there had been some wise man out there giving me tips so I could have lost the weight AGES ago!

So, today I want to share with you, my dear friends, some keys to weight loss.  It's starting to get warm out there and swim suit season is coming up... we all want to look like hot babes by the pool, do we not??

Tip #1:  You need to have balance!
What I mean by this, is that you can't lose weight healthily and keep it off, if you don't balance the methods you use.  You need to eat right AND exercise to get affective weight loss.  You can't just do one and not the other and expect it to work.  For example, you can work out 5 hours a day on a tread mill, but don't think that means it's okay to go pork out at Burger King afterwards and still lose weight.  OR you can just eat right and then sit on your butt all day in front of the TV or computer and then get made when your "diet" isn't working.  Sure there are lots of fade diets out there that tell you you don't have to do one or the other, and perhaps you will lose the weight... however, chances are you are going to yo-yo right back because you didn't really change your habits and built a new lifestyle.

Tip #2:  The Key to Fat Burning is...
Are you ready for this one?  Heart rate!  That's right!  They tell you you will burn the same calories walking a mile and running a mile -- which is true.  However, there is one HUGE difference between just strolling around and building some muscle verses running.  It's your heart rate.  When you get your heart rate up to a certain target, you will start burning some serious fat.  And sadly enough, once your body gets used to walking or another exercise, it will pretty much stop being affective in the weight loss department.  So get a heart monitor or use the ones on the machines, figure out your target heart rate, and work it to keep it up.  I can not stress what a difference this makes in my weight loss and fitness goals!  (Click here to see your target heart rate)

Tip #3:  Drink Water!!!
I have said it before and I will say it again.  Drink LOTS of water!  Not only does it do all the normal stuff we all hear about, but it keeps your body and skin hydrated and helps with elasticity... do you really wanna be saggy butt at your next high school reunion??  Keep away from sugars and if you have to have a potato chip once in a while, drink a glass of orange juice to help keep blotting to a minimum.  You drink between 80 - 100 onces a day of water... so cheers!

Tip #4: Stay Positive!!!
I mean it!  Losing weight is NO fun if you are whinny and unhappy about it.  No one wants to hear about how badly you want a pizza or Reese's.  Losing weight is not easy, but oh so worth it!  Sometimes when I am tempted to eat naughty food, I just close my eyes and think about myself looking thin and feeling good about myself.  I often wondered what I would look like, or what clothes I would wear... anything to keep me motivated to continue and be strong!

Well, those are my tips for the week.  As for my own updates, I am still the 194 pounds, my body can't seem to get over this plateau.  But it's alright, I just keep pressing on... it has to give in sooner or later right?  And I am going to be ready for it when it does!

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Audrey Carlson said...

Thanks for keeping up Fatt Butt Friday. We can never hear the secrets enough!!! One day we may actually start doing them.