Friday, April 30, 2010

Drum Roll, Please...

I have decided to crawl out of bed, while the hubby takes the kiddo's out for ice cream, to announce the winners of the Mother's Day Giveaway. I know you all have been eagerly anticipating this, I mean, there are some pretty cool prizes here, right? (Note: all winners were chosen randomly on

So, enough chit chat, here they are:

The Winner of the Mikarose Dress is:

Tera!!! Who said, "I would buy the Alexia dress in a heartbeat. It is so dang cute!"

The winner of the $80 Gift Certificate to is:

Beckee!!! Who said, "There are a couple kids tables I really like, I would get one of them-either the 3 piece set with table and 2 chairs where the legs all look pencils or the one where it is a desk/table with 2 drawers and 2 tables."

The winner of the High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift Giveaway is:

Audrey Carlson!! Who said she would like to try: Perricone MD – Health and Weight Management: I'm taking a ton of supplements to assist my weight loss. Vitamins, energy boosters...wouldn't it be nice to try something that might work better."

...and last but not least:

The winner of EcoSmart's Natural Bug Killer giveaway is:

Eva!!Who said: I'm a good mom because I am constantly trying to do what's best for my son. It might take me a little while to figure out exactly what that is, but I'm stubborn enough to stick with it."

That's wraps it up! You know, one of the things I hate about doing giveaways is picking winners... because if it was up to me, everyone would win :) A big congratulations to all the winners! And a VERY happy Mother's Day coming up to everyone!!

Note to winners:  Please email me your email address so I can contact you about how to collect your prize (if I don't already have it)  You can email me at nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com.

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