Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who are the People at your Gym?

I don't know about you, but I am a people watcher. Unlike, my husband, I am usually aware of everything going on around me . I can't help it! I just like to be aware and knowing... come on, I know I am not the only one here that does that!

... And last night, I found myself at the gym for my nightly run and work out. Even though I was sporting Ben's MP3 player, I still knew what was happening around me. You will never catch me completely immersed in my own world. Which may well have strengthened since I became a mom. I mean how many of us sleep with our ears tuned into the kids room, or type our posts while unconsciously listening for little screams in the next room. That's right, us mom's certainly develop a form of super powers I think. I won't even go into the fact that we can identify the problem without even looking by the pitch of the cry or scream... you know it's true!

Anyway, back to my story.

So there I was at the gym plugging along on the tread mill. I was going a little slower than normal because I was going for long distance rather than speed (and I still did two miles in 23:33 -- Woot Woot!) I was listening to The Corrs on my headset (does anyone even remember them? Great workout music!) and watching an episode of Chuck on one of the suspended TVs. Now my hubby would argue that I could listen to music and read the lips on a TV show at the same time... it's a gift... and a curse, I could say.

Then all the while I was doing my normal scan of the peeps in the gym.  I noticed several regulars I see just about every night.  Our eyes met and the "nod of respect" was exchanged.  See, people who aren't regulars at the gym don't understand about the "nod of respect".  You have to earn "the nod" by proving that you are serious about getting fit.  It doesn't matter how fat or skinny or buff you are, if you show up regularly and give it an honest try, the regulars seem to accept you into their silent club of, well, regulars, and you earn "the nod" when you come in.  I worked hard to earn "the nod", and it isn't given easily!  I lost almost 50 pounds before I got my first one from the 4 foot bald guy, who seems to be the one in charge.

Now, THERE is a character for you, my 4 foot, bald gym friend... whom I have never talked to, but he seems to be the oldest regular which evidently earned him some level of respect from the rest of us.  Not to mention the guy is totally ripped and could kick any of our trash in a second. He even seems to be the guy that all the other guys go to for fitness tips.  Anyway, if you get "the nod" from him, you are instantly "in".

Just so you know, any one can earn "the nod."  But there are definitely some who never well.  Among those are the single girls who actually pay for a gym pass to pick up guys.  Newsflash!  Girls, the guys you are interested in don't come to the gym to pick up girls.  Sorry to sink your boat, but there it is.  One thing I have noticed in my years at the gym is that when men are working out, that is just what they are doing.  Working out.  Chances are unless you streak past them nude, they aren't going to notice you while they are pumping iron.  AND if they do notice you, in a positive way, it will be because you are there all the time and earning "the nod" because you are being serious.  If they do see you giggling on the treadmill for 2 minutes at a time and then skipping over to the weights where you just sit and chat do one or two reps and complain in a sing-song voice about how weak you are... well, that's when they just roll their eyes and scratch you off their mental list of dating potentials.

And there I am chugging along on the treadmill watching all the drama unfold... I love going to the gym!

Do you have drama at your gym? Or am I the only one who notices?


Amy said...

CUTE blog makeover!!! LOVE IT!! It is spunky and fun! Good work Cat!

Maybe if I had a gym pass... :)

Jenna said...

Oh I SO miss my gym at home in Michigan now...I was a regular there (on and off due to school/work/living away from home) for over six years.

Since it's a small town, we actually talked to each other, which was great. Mark, the Vegetable Guy, is also bald and reminded me of your 4ft bald friend. Mark is definitely in charge of our gym, and you know you're "In" when he brings you something from his garden.

My first gift from him was three large squash. After that, I felt like I was part of a family!