Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Upside Down Nutshell

It feels like the Nutshell flipped upside down this week. You may have noticed my posts have been short and small. Well, that's because we have had a lot of crazy stuff happening around here.

Mainly, Ben got a new job.

I know our plan was that he wasn't going to work when he got home from training so he could focus on schooling. He has been going to school part time for 4 years now and we really just wanted him to hunker down, go full time, and get it done! Even then we had 3 years more to look forward to, just for a bachelor's! Erk. I guess that's what happens when you pick a hard major (Electrical Engineering) and choose to have a family too.

It was really hard for Ben to come home, though, and not have a job. It's that farm boy in him that has to be working no matter what. It's what I love about him, but sometimes I just want him to chill out! Take some time off and play with the family, you know?

However, being jobless just wasn't in the cards for my hard working man.

Because Ben hadn't even been home a week when the university finds out about his "special" Army training and to make a long story short he gets the dream job offer from the school. I don't want to go into details, because I don't like to on this blog, but let's just say that he gets to work with a team of engineers to develop, design, and build cutting edge technology. And we couldn't be more thrilled!! Ben has been walking on clouds all week! I mean who wouldn't if you went from Wal-Mart cart-pusher to University Engineer... hmmm... what a jump!

So this morning, I found myself straightening his collar and telling him to be a good boy at work. Then waving to him as he went off for his first day as one of the big boys... sigh... my Ben is growing up so fast!

Then as Ben heads off to his new adventure, I turn around and see two little faces smothered in Go-Gurt looking up at me, and I can't help but see the pile of laundry behind them and hear the dirty dishes calling me from the kitchen...

Okay, Nutshell, hold on tight, because here I come!

I love my life!


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

THat is so stinkin' awesome!!!!!!!!! What a fabulous blessing! Congrats to you both!

Ana said...

This whole time I thought he had joined the active duty Army, lol. I was thinking, "Why on earth did he get a job for two weeks", when it struck me he was probably in the Reserves. Sounds great, though. Always nice to find something you enjoy!