Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That's Just What Big Brothers are for!

Hi, it's me again, your favorite 4 year old! No, not him! Me, Sam!

Yesterday, I taught my little bro how to ride a bike.  It was so cool!
Oh, no, sorry, wrong picture!
Now, that's what I am talking about...

I got to wear the sunglasses, because I am a seasoned rider.  I learned last summer.  This summer is Nephi's turn, and I am going to make sure he gets as good as me... or nearly, anyway.

Mom and Dad took us for a ride, but they walked.  I'm not sure if they know how to ride a bike.  Well, Dad used to, but I think he forgot.  Mom only rides the bike that doesn't move in our living room.  Talk about the ultimate training wheels!  Poor Mom.  Maybe I will teach her next.
Anyway, Nephi got on the bike fine, wore his helmet, and held on the to handle bars.  He won't peddle though... duh!  You only have to move your feet!  But he didn't.  Dad ended up pushing him around.  He still thought he was cool though... just not as cool as me.  I was riding around in front doing tricks and stuff.  Mom and Dad got mad at me because I was too fast sometimes and they made me come back.  Fun busters.  But I know that Nephi watched me in envy.  Don't worry little bro, your time will come soon!

As for now, I'll let you, little brother, wear the sunglasses!
This is Sam, signing off!

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CaJoh said...

Way to go Sam!!! I can't believe that your folks forgot how to ride a bike. It's high time for you to teach them so you can all go on family bike rides together.