Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shopping with Boys

I know there are a lot of women out there who cringe at the thought of shopping with their husbands. Most men hate it unless there are at least 10 big screens blasting the game with cushy leather couches to kick back in.


We are all familiar with the following phases that make our shopping trips with the hubby's even more "enjoyable."

"Do you really need that?" (YES! I will shrivel up and DIE without it!)

"Don't you already have a red shirt like that one?"
(They just don't get it, do they!?)

"You can get the cheaper version at Wal
-Mart." (I don't want the cheaper version! It breaks me out!!)

"You don't need another pair of shoes." (But, but, BUT... These would match my new black dress PERRRRFACTLYYYYY!)

Then again, to be fair, we women aren't perfect to shop with either! How many of us find ourselves saying this line again and again when shopping with our men: "Where would we put it?" Why do our men always like things bigger?


But in my years of being married and reigning supreme in a household of boys, I have found certain stores that are guaranteed to entertain my guys while I look around in leisure. I have to, you know, because unlike most males, mine love to go shopping. It's funny, really, but they do. Yep, all three!

And they really like certain stores.

Like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


Well, a picture says a thousand words. So here are a few I took last night when we went there to get some new sheets:And my favorite:If every store had this set up, life would be so much easier for us women...


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

omg that last photo was priceless!!!
hey that machine that supposed to make ur tummy sexy! did you get on it? my boys see that on tv and want to try it out too

Anonymous said...

Great the pictures!!

Hilarious Homemaker said...

Totally relate! My husband wants to go to Walgreen's every time I need something, just so he can get on those back massaging chairs!

And why do we need a $17 flashlight, that's like a foot long? Oh, yeah, it doubles as a weapon of self defense! Oh,and it has LED! What a bargain!

Men are funny!

Otter Thomas said...

My wife loves shopping so I have to go regularly. My goal is to keep from completely ruining the trip. Sometimes it is hard. I like BB&B too.

Jenna said...

Those pictures are PRICELESS!

I hate shopping with my husband. I have nicknamed him "The Chancellor" (As in Chancellor of the Exchequer, who's the English version of the guy in charge of all the country's money) because he will never let me spend anything!

Jules said...

Those photos were great!! I LOVE bed bath and beyond...I could drop a ton of money in there!!

Tobi said...

Hilarious picture of all your boys chil-laxing in the massage chairs. =)

AMIT said...

Wonderful pictures.

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