Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Highlights

So I have a few little tidbits and events happen this last week. Each so little, that they can't make a post on their own. So I have been saving them up for one big post, so here they are!

The Train:

I got out of the shower the other day to this little surprise:I especially appreciate the fact that my kids put safety first by wearing the hard hats to ride their train. Makes me proud to be a parent!

The Invisible Car:

Modern Technology never ceases to amaze me!Sam the Nose:

What self-respecting parent wouldn't take a picture of this Kodak moment? This one is so going in the possible blackmail picture pile for those teenage years that will probably come quicker than I would like...He was a very good boy at the dentist today, just in case you were wondering...

The Hike:

We actually took the boys for a hike up the mountain yesterday, and they LOVED it!

Sam said that he was walking like me... Just for the record, I do NOT stand like that!

The Oldest Duck in the World:I don't feel the need to elaborate here, but this duck has to be lucky...

Family Pictures:

Sam got the camera the other day and insisted on taking everyone's picture. All I can say is, I can't believe how professional they look!

Note to Modeling Agents: I know it may be tempting to contact me for a modeling job after seeing that shot of me, but don't. I'm just too busy right now.


Brandee said...

holy mole lady, my tummy was hurting after this post! just love ya!

AMIT said...

Great post.I like the pictures.

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