Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow...

And I am not talking about the movie, either.

You know EXACTLY what I am referring to.

At least I hope you do...


My mind is so focused on Friday, that I haven't given much thought to my blog lately. Sorry, my friends... but my mind has been elsewhere. Far from here.

But worry not! I will be back to my old self quick enough, and guess what else? I think "Daddy Saturday might be back on! Yippy! And I am sure he has plenty to say, especially about his experience in the Army, which I know my male readers like to read about... and my female readers, but especially the guys.

And so today I tackle the kitchen! I have deep cleaned our bedroom, the boys room, and the bathroom. Today is the kitchen and living room! Wish me luck, I am sure going to need it!!

PS- I may not get around to post on THIS Saturday, but rest assured, a full homecoming update will be posted next week!