Saturday, March 27, 2010

Daddy Saturday

Guess what everybody!
That's right! Daddy Saturday is Back, and as every man loves to live up to his gender, I decided to procrastinated to the last minute and beyond. At least until Cat gave up and decided to write her own post.
Yesterday Cat asked me if I would help clean the kitchen as our Saturday Project. As per usual I reluctantly agreed. That is where my problems begin.
I got up this morning with the kids, and I swear I could see horns trying to poke up through their hair. It was if they had slept just enough to turn into little devils at the thought of being awake. By the time we left to do our biweekly grocery run my nerves (and Cat's) were shot.
I decided to make Cat an offer. I would take the kids outside so they could run around, play and basically be out of the way so the housework could be done without the screaming. She accepted, but the "OK" I heard wasn't exceptionally enthusiastic, which brings up the question...
Which is the better option?
     A. Get the kids out of Cat's hair while she's cleaning or
     B. Stick around and help clean while attempting to control the screams or
     C. Sit down and write a post while she's cleaning.
Let me know which option you would prefer...
-Ben aka The Daddy Nut


DaveandRuth said...

Take the kids out while I clean is what I would have my husband do!

Jill said...

I love it when my hubby takes the kids... but only in certain situations. Poor men.. they probably wonder what time is the right situation. But I'd rather let the kids run amuck and have help cleaning the house.

The Mom said...

Did you offer to clean while SHE took the kids outside to play?

Ana said...

I would definitely prefer he take the kids while I clean. Cleaning in peace feels like a luxory around here. If he had sat down at the computer while I had to do both the kids and the cleaning, well, life would not have been happy in our house!