Monday, March 22, 2010

Band Aids Fix Everything!

Isn't it true, though?

It doesn't matter what kind of owie they have, the very mention of a band aid stops the crying.  Whether or not it's a smashed thumb, paper cut, stubbed toe, bitten tongue, or even a bloody nose... somehow, the magic of a band aid always makes it feel so much better!  Especially if said band aid has a cool cartoon character on it!

A couple days ago, Sam bit his upper lip.  No worries, though, the band aid did it's magic within seconds he was Mr. Happy once again.

If only life were that simple for us adults!

It would be great if a band aid could fix a broken heart, don't you think?


Otter Thomas said...

Cute Picture! This reminds me of a Chris Rock bit where he says growing up all they had was Tussin. No matter what happened his Mom always said put some Tussin on it.

Jill said...

That's funny. I have a picture of Mason like that when he wouldn't stop licking his upper lip (when he had a cold & runny nose). We called him Lil Hitler.

Meagan and John said...

last year we were watchign a bunch of kids for the fourth of July and decided to take them all to a spray park--don't know how to describe them--anyhow, my brilliant husband did the math and realized that 8 kids and only 2 adults meant someone would end up injuring themselves, so the ever so wise John packed the huge first aide kit we keep in our bathroom, and if you know my family, you know it is BIG, it is actually in a Mary Kay cosmetic case that consultants use to luck product to shows...

anyhow, we had no severe injuries at the spray park, but, when we were at our wards BBQ that night a few kids (not ours thankfully) did get hurt and I just pulled out that first side kit and the crying stopped, I (note me, not John) was the hero for quite some time cause John was smart enough to bring our first aide kit--not only did it have bandiads, it had bug bite stuff in it too--now John makes sure to pack a first aide kit whenever he is going to be spending the day with kids, even when he went on a field trip with dominic's class, and I insisted the teachers would have one, he still packed a small one

man, after this comment, I really think I need to get back into blogging so I don't leave such big comments

Ana said...

Sadly, our two year old runs screaming from band-aids. I'm not sure where this fear comes from, but he won't even let us bandage a genuine cut. It does work with our older son, though.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

YES!!! They do and we're out! It's been traumatic to say the least when I keep forgetting to buy them and someone gets owies all day long.