Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I honestly haven't been slacking off lately... things have been pretty crazy around here lately and I am afraid my blog has suffered a bit this weekend. Sorry about that!

Our car pulled another fast one on us and the passenger side seat belt jammed and needs to be replaced. We tried cruising around for a while with me sitting in the front middle, but as much as I love Ben, sitting that close to someone for lengthy amounts of time gets a little uncomfortable... personal bubble and all. Besides with my new shape, and him being gone for 9 months, he tends to get a little handsy sometimes, if you know what I mean...
So we moved all our child seats and stuff over to our little '86 Nova, the car that Ben usually drives. We actually love that little car. That baby has almost 300 thousand miles on it and still goes strong (if you aren't going up a hill that is). And it's a stick shift... I love driving stick, it's so fun.

Sam and Nephi love the Nova. They call it "Daddy's Truck." Now, I don't know why they call this a truck:
Verses what we usually drive, "Mommy's Car." Which happens to be a Ford Sable. I try to correct them, you know: "Let's go bye bye in Daddy's CAR!" They respond with confusion and then a resounding, "No! It's Daddy's TRUCK!"

I give up. Whatever.

We have been busy making adjustments to Ben being home too. We love having him here, but the main problem is that the kids have grown so much in the last year that sometimes Ben doesn't know what to do with them. And they don't know what to do with him! It's been interesting watching the three of them figure stuff out. Here are a few facts they know for sure though:

1. Daddy is the ultimate cool. WAY more awesome than mommy is. No matter what happens, Daddy is still the hero. (Figures, I take care of them alone for 9 months and he is the cool one... erk).

2. Daddy gives better breakfast. Mommy wants to give us fruit and toast... Daddy supplies the kiddos with Go-Gurts and yummy cereal. Once again affirming the truth of #1 fact.

3. The only downside to daddy being home, is that if he wakes up with the kids, they don't get to watch cartoons. But they are quickly adapting to watching the Discovery channel with him instead.

4. Daddy doesn't make them clean up their own messes. Mostly because he hasn't quite figured out that they can do it themselves. So he runs around and does it for them. Once again, makes him a hero in their young eyes.

So my job is basically running around running interference between the two parties: Daddy and the kids. Even Ben admits that he is clueless sometimes because once in a while he runs in to find me and blurts out something like this:

"Sam is doing such and such..." and I say: "Are you tattling?" Then he gets all red in the face and runs out.

What can I say? We're all making adjustments to this new life we have. And we'll get it... hopefully sooner than later...

Man, I love living in the Nutshell with my boys... yeah, all three of them!


Tammy said...

That's got be tough. It sounds lik my childhood. (My dad was in the army).

Otter Thomas said...

They will figure it out, and I know it is all worth it no matter how long it takes.

The Daddy's truck thing reminds me of my friend growing up. His mom drove a truck and his dad drove a car. It was so confusting to me. Where I grew up men don't drive cars for farming purposes.

DaveandRuth said...

It does not take being gone for that long to feel like I am running interference. Although, with my husband having been unemployed now for TOO LONG, he is getting better at everything. I have a friend that tells me that when her husband was home for almost a year being unemployed, it was an adjustment to have him go back to work. I can see this happening very well. I wish you luck in your quest to get things evened out!

Amy said...

I don't think my kids will ever be cool with watching Denton's basketball games on Saturday morning when he gets up with them :)They go find something else to do!

Jill said...

A lot changes in 9 months but it sounds like all is good. I'll bet you are just glad to be all back together even with the adjustments. I also bet it has been fun for Ben to see how much the two boys have grown up.

AMIT said...

Yes sometimes things go crazy.

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