Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not a Patient Waiter...

Only about 2 and half more weeks until he comes home and every day feels like a year. I feel like I am walking around wearing cement shoes! It just goes by so SLOW! I am losing my mind!

Good thing the holiday is over and Sam will be going back to school today. Those 4 hours he is at school are the fastest four hours of the day and really help the time fly a little faster. So that's good.

Ben pasted his last presentation yesterday, and tomorrow he graduates from his VERY long training and will officially be an Engineer in the Army. I am so EXCITED I can hardly sit still!

I know things are going to be different when he comes home, adjustments are going to have to be made, and Ben is going to have to learn that the boys have grown a lot and they aren't the same little guys he left almost 9 months ago... WOW can you believe it has almost been that long!

... and I am not the same woman he left last summer either. I guess you could say I am "much less of a woman." Hehehehe.

But I am so happy to move on with our lives. Ready to close this chapter of our life book and start the next, together as a family.

PS: So wives out there that have gone long periods of time without your men, what's your best tip for adjustment for the homecoming?


Bridget said...

I'm so glad that he's coming home on time! I was so sad when I heard that he might be delayed that long! I hope that things start speeding up. I have to admit that somedays feel like I have the cement shoes on too - I can't wait for Justin to be back home too!

Kelly Dawn said...

ok so he is coming home on time - wooohooo!! now what happens when he gets home? are you being sent to a post? and you being transferred? OH and if you are anything like me? you are SO going to LVOE the military sending someone to pack up your shit and send it for you....lol..wherever you are going....of course sometimes it takes a bit for it to get to you ....lol...but hey you didnt have to pack it up...lol

Tera said...

The biggest difficulty I had when Erick returned after being gone for over a year had to do with expectations. While he was gone, I did everything myself: took out the trash, fixed the clanking noise in the vacuum, disciplined the children, etc. As soon as Erick came home, I expected him to automatically take over those jobs again. The problem was, that after being away for a year, he kind of forgot about our previous routines and expectations.

It took a lot of time and patience to remember each others strengths and expectations. And how they can compliment each other. We had to talk A LOT. As long as we were willing to talk (patiently and lovingly) and readjust our expectations a little, we were able to make it work again.

Our life together is fabulous! But it is not the same life we had before he left. We both had to be flexible because we both (along with the children) changed and grew during our time apart. But we love each other dearly and we have altered our life a bit to account for each other's needs and expectations.

Don't worry. You guys will figure it out just fine.

Lydia said...

I think that basic is probably the easiest to adjust after. He was not in harms way every day and during AIT you were able to communicate more. I don't remember any main changes that we had to do. Gentle reminders of what you need go along way. I'm sure Ben has been very appreciative of you doing it all while he was gone and will want to lighten the load. He just might not know what to do, that helps you or will want to do more then you want him to. Military wives are very independent and that's a good thing but remember that he is there to help.

Tobi said...

Just make sure you make him aware of the new routines and remind him how the household works. Make sure your expectations of each other are still the same. Talk and spend as much time together as a family as you can.

DaveandRuth said...

Good for you!