Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In Hiding...

Do you ever have those days when you just want to stay in and hide?

I am so having one of those days.


Well, I still have that blasted cold and it is like subzero temperatures outside I am not brave enough to endure. Last night the Wii kicked my trash and my calf muscles are so stiff I can't get over the child gates or off the toilet... life is hard today.

There are a few peeps I feel like hiding from too. None of my blog readers, so don't worry... just a few friends out there in the world that feel like making life a little hard on me is all fun and games... not so. I hate games. I hate lies too. Lies stink like Nephi's juice diapers.

Besides, the boys have been pretty good lately. I don't mind hiding out with them. Even if they do think I am crazy. Sam thinks I talk to myself. Explanation: Ben hooked me up with a bluetooth. Now, I haven't always been a fan because I think it is funny to see people walking down the street talking to no one. Or think they are talking to me when they aren't... annoying! But they are great for talking while doing housework or driving.

The other day, I heard Sam talking A LOT in the other room. I went in and he was pacing around the living room just talking away about nothing. Who was he talking too?? Then he turned and I noticed he was wearing my bluetooth... The things the kids pick up.

So I don't mind letting the boys hide with me...

Just wanted to let you know, that after I post this, I am gone. Yep, that's right, I am also going to hide from the internet. Why not? We all need a break once in a while right?


Pam said...

Love the image of Sam with your bluetooth! Too cute. Enjoy your time in hiding. See you when you emerge.

Amanda said...

One time I was in the grocery store and I saw this man on a bluetooth...only I was new to the world of technology. I tapped my husband to tell him that that man was talking to a block of cheese. Seriously, he was bent over looking at this cheese, picked it up,was having an ongoing was I supposed to know???!!!

Hope tomorrow is better. The world seems worse with a cold. Especially when you can't just curl up and be miserable- you have kids to take care of. Things will pick up.

Kelly Dawn said...

Wayne has a really cool headset and he plays World of Warcraft - When Austin was little he used to tell people that his daddy had imaginary friends that he talked to every night :) It was GREAT! I still laugh every time i see him with his headset