Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Greatest Romance in History!

Last year for Valentine's Day, I wrote a post called: "It's all a matter of Perspective" and discussed how it has always been weird to me when people would tell me that they had the "Best Husband in the world!!" or the "Best Kids in the world!" because to me they really didn't! I wouldn't want to walk a day in their shoes. Besides, I felt I had the best husband and kids in the world too! Right? Don't we all feel that way? And aren't we GLAD! It would be really crazy if one of my friends actually agreed with me when I told her how Ben was the greatest... yeah, awkward, to say the last.
Aren't we happy we got what we got? I know I am!

This year, for the season of love, I want to talk a little about the greatest romances in history. And I'm not talking about fake ones like Romeo and Juliet, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, or even Edward and Bella. I want to talk about the REAL ones. REAL love, not just some fancy-smancy, fake, surface stuff. I'll tell you there is nothing worse than reading a book or watching a movie where the "love" isn't real at all... just the writer's idea of what would be great but they probably haven't had the real thing to know anyway!

Now, there are some great romances from history... but do we really, I mean REALLY know if they were true love either? It can be really frustrating to think about. Don't you think?

Now, real love... that's what I'm talking about! And the sad thing is, these tales of true love are unknown to most everyone. Great stories that no one will hear! Why? Because the lovers aren't famous, not even really important to history or the media. Because these great lovers are us! That's right, me and you! We may not be famous people, but we have some of the greatest love stories of all time!!
What? You don't believe me?

Okay, then, how many of us know the story of how our parents met? Or our grandparents? Chances are most of us know those stories like our own! Because our human hearts LOVE a good love story! And making it real, even makes it better!

So for Valentine's this year, this is my challenge: Instead of dwelling on unrealistic romance, think about your own! The real life love stories, the ones that will hold out and last through time. The ones that your children will tell to their grand-kids one day. Real love is better than any book or movie.

For those of us who haven't yet found that love of our lives, don't give up! They are out there! And it is better than you can ever know!! The wait is definitively worth it!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! And a shout out to my eternal love, Ben who can't be here this time, but here's to looking forward to the many years we still have ahead of us!

Note to Commenters: Do share your real-life love story! We sooooo want to hear it! Or leave us a link to your site if you have it posted there.

If you haven't read mine yet here is the link. And if you want to read about the first times we met when we were teens, here is the link here.


Amber Lynae said...

Happy Valentine's Day Cat! Real Love stories are the best. I started my story on my blog but never finished it. I will have to finish it.

Shan B. said...

You are right Cat!! Thanks for the reminder!!

Kelly Dawn said...

ok dammit - maybe i will write it - shit - maybe i will write about my parents...of course that will irritate my mother :) but yeah gonna have to do it anyway :)