Friday, February 19, 2010

Fat Butt Friday: Inches

Now if you are like me, like to workout and do the weights, you have to come to depend more on inches than the scale. Scales can be very deceiving for people who are trying to lose weight by working out and lifting weights.

I have been doing weights for 2 and half years now, and I can tell you, I don't feel like I have 194 pounds of fat on me. Not one bit! And I can't tell you how frustrating it is to get on the Wii and have it tell me I am "obese" when this butt fits in a size 10 now. Overweight? Yeah, I am still a little, but "obese?" I think I am over that.

I told the Wii Fit off the other day. Here is how it went:

I thought it would be fun to get on it after losing so much weight since the last time I was it. I haven't played the Wii Fit since last summer. I have been playing other workouts like my Gold's Gym and the Julianne Micheal's one. Completely avoiding the Wii Fit...

Until the other night.

I put the program in and let it warm up. Then I selected my fat dumpy character... yeah, it had been a long time since I was on and thought it would be funny to see my character get thinner this time.

Wii Fit: Please step on board. Measuring, measuring, measuring...

Me: Come on...

Wii Fit: It has been 150 days since you have last visited! You really need to come back more often!

Me: I would have if you weren't so lame...

Wii Fit: Let's see how you have done! You have lost 58.5 pounds since your last visit! This is way over your last goal. You should not lose so much weight. It is unhealthy, and we are worried about your health. Slow down.

Me: Oh, shut up! You're just mad because I did it without you.

Wii Fit: Let's look at your measurements!

At this point it shows my person really skinny waiting by the meter. The meter shows it at thin and then the arrow moves up to normal, then past overweight (the whole time my character gets bigger and bigger), until it hits the top of the obese section and my little character looks just the same as before I lost the weight. Then it makes this sound like a disappointed buzzer and my character looks really sad.

Me: What the heck! My little guy looks just the same as before! What kind of system is this! I have lost 85 pounds you think this would count for something!

Wii Fit: You are obese! This is really bad. You should try harder to lose weight.

Me: Okay you POS game, first you chew me out because I lost to much and then you chew me out because according to you I am still really fat! Urk! You just can't win with electronics!

I shut it down.

I don't think I will go back any time soon.

And for the record, I don't look anything like that fat little character! Where do people get off telling us what we should look like at a given weight? I was reading up on the Internet and did you know that most health care professionals say that bone size has nothing to do with weight? Hello! They say that if you are athletic, then you may have more muscle, but that you should still be around the weight for your height.

Okay, then, I am 194 and feeling great! Heath care professionals say that I should be 133 for my height. Let me ask you people, what the freaking heck would I look like if I was 133?? Do I really have 61 pounds of fat on me that I can lose?

Then I found Dr. Oz's statement that we should go by inches... thank goodness there is a voice of reason out there! I was starting to lose my mind! He said that we should concentrate on the fat on our waist line, because that is the fat that can be dangerous. Take your height in inches and cut that in half, and that should be the size of your waist. So I am 5'5.5" (65.5 in) tall, then my waist measurement (at the belly button around) should be between 32 and 33 inches. I then measured my waist... measuring, measuring, measuring... and I am 35 inches. Woo Hoo! That sounded SO right to me!! I have about 15-20 more I want to lose and that should take the rest of those inches off!

Health care "professionals" can suck an egg...

There is nothing I can't stand more than skinny people who try to tell us curvy people how to live...
Here is a picture I took of my old work out pants vs my new ones!
Weekly Stats

Starting weight: 279 lbs

Weight last week: 194 lbs
Total loss up until then: 85 lbs
Weight Today: 194 lbs
Lost this week: 0 lbs

Total loss: 85 pounds
Goal weight: 179 (My hundred pound mark)

I didn't lose anything this week, but that's okay! I actually lost an inch in my hips though! SO I AM losing still, just gaining some muscle as well. Like I said before, it is all in the inches...

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Tobi said...

I am sensing some hostility towards your Wii fit. That's too bad because I just got one. Mine comes with a newer game so perhaps mine won't be such a pain in the rear.

Mama Nut said...

Well, there is a huge difference between the Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board. Wii Fit is just the program, I LOVE my Balance Board and use it in all my fitness programs! I haven't tried the Wii Fit Plus, maybe that one is less obnoxious! Let us know!

Meagan Frank said...

Your fight with your Wii made me laugh! It told me the other day that it had been 285 days since my last visit, and then it never asked what I had been doing. Not a great friend if you ask me. Keep up your hard work...good for you!

Amber Lynae said...

Cat that Wii Fit is POS if it is telling you such things. You look amazing. I am struggling to hard getting started with my weightloss. Do you have any advice or posts from the beginning of your journey about changing habits and just sucking it up and changing. I can't seem to break old habits.

Our Family said...

I enjoyed this post, Cat! I love reading your Friday updates!

Anonymous said...

You tell that Wii Fit! I'm afraid to step onto mine. I've lost weight and look good since I've been on it but I fear it's going to do the same thing to me. Kick it to the curb, sister. You look fantastic! Your hubby is in for quite a surprise! :)