Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Daddy Cut

For the last few nights, when I went to check on the boys at night, I have noticed that their hair was soaked with sweat! No covers on. The heat wasn't even up that high, and they were just drenched in sweat. I felt kind of bad. No one should have to sleep like that!

I usually wait until the spring to shave their heads. You know, when it is actually WARM. And right now we have snow up the kazoo and it is still blasted cold.

So what is a mother to do?

Well, they can always wear hats, right?

So I sat them down and asked them: "Should we cut your hair?"

I got a resounding: "NO NO NO! Mama NOOOOO!"

Okay, whatever!

Then I tried this: "Do you want your hair like Daddy's?"

Both little voices say: "Like Daddy's...?" Little hands go to their heads and feel their hair.

They look at each other.

"Hair like Daddy's!!!!!" They tell me excitedly.

Alright... hair cuts never seemed so easy before... maybe they don't really understand... They HATE getting their haircut!

Sam volunteered to go first. He stood on top of the toilet and I turned the medicine cabinet mirror so he could watch me do it.

I thought for sure he was going to freak out when I got out the clippers, but he didn't. I started to think he really understood what I was going to do! And he did! He watched me shave him bald, and was THRILLED that he had the "Daddy Haircut!"

Nephi was just as good.

After I took a picture and told them to look tough:
But instead they just looked so blasted cute!!

Sam was so proud of his new do, he wouldn't wear a hat. When he got on the bus the first thing he said to the bus driver and aid: "LOOK! Daddy Cut!!" They just smiled and told him how cool he looked. There was never a happier kid! When the other driver brought him home she told me that he was sure proud of his haircut and had been telling them all about it... yeah, that's my kid!


Always a Southern Girl said...

Now that's a haircut! Lol!

Otter Thomas said...

Sometimes I feel like getting the Daddy cut too. It's cool that they want to be like there dad.

Tobi said...

You are so smart Cat! Tell them it's so cool to have hair like Dadddy and they fall right in line. Brilliant!

Love their "tough" faces. =)

Amy said...

They look so cute!!! Amazing what can happen if you just say the right thing... :)

Amber Lynae said...

That is so adorable. For some reason I don't think Little Princess will go for the Daddy haircut. I'm glad it worked for you. :)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh wow!!!!! SOOOOOOOO cute and so bald, something that I would strangely appreciate when I have to hear my girls hollering and whining when i brush their hair. :)