Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blasted Snow!!

I am really upset! Totally irked! And completely ticked off about all that snow back east!

Ben's school has been canceled all week, which means he probably won't graduate next week, finish his training and come home the first week in March.

He tells me that if they don't fix things up, he may be there for an extra 5 weeks or so! I can't take that!! Well, I know that I will have too... I mean what can I do about it right?

I just miss him so bad. He will have been gone almost 9 months when he comes home, I just really don't want to do 10. And that also means that our Disneyland plans will be all messed up too.

So I feel like, just sitting down and crying. But what perpose would that serve? Maybe I will go do a round on my Wii. You know, work out some of this frustration. Then how about a nice hot bath?

Deep breath.

I hate it when events are out of my control. I feel really helpless and useless.

Keep your fingers crossed for our Daddy Nut, okay? We would really like him home soon... and we would hate to go to Disneyland without him... what fun would that be?


Kelly Dawn said...

fingers and toes both crossed -they should send the snow to me :) I want it here in Texas :)

Tobi said...

I know how you feel and I'm sorry about Ben being stuck in good ole virginny. I hope the snow lets up soon so he can come home.

BridgetJean said...

I am so sorry Ben in stuck back east. I know 5 weeks is hard, but you do want him back home safely. Anticipation makes the heart grow founder! Have an awesome day!

Our Family said...

I'm really sorry, Catherine.

Damaris said...

I am so sorry to hear that news. I hope that get things worked out so that he can come home as soon as possible. Good luck these next few weeks.