Saturday, January 16, 2010

That's Just the Kind of Girl I am...

I honestly could not, for the life of me think of something to write today. And I didn't just want to blab on about nothing and everything and waste your time with mindless drivel. I do have a standard to keep on this blog, you know!

Then the boys woke me up early today, and I got up gave them some cereal, put on some cartoons and laid back down in bed for some early morning pondering.

I love to think hard in the morning. It's when I get my best "revelations" and ideas.

This morning I started thinking about what made me, well, me. What set me apart from everyone else and made me different. I think we all have these thoughts every once in a while. Someone told me a few days ago, that I had changed since I lost the weight. I didn't think so. Well, I am differently more confident and happy, but I am still the same me.

When I was heavier, I had to make up for my looks by being silly. And guess what? I am still as silly and crazy as ever!

I started to go back in time and think about myself in different situations and how I handled it then. Would I go back and change what I did? Nope. Not one bit! Why? Because that is just the kind of girl I am! Skinny or fat. Just plain ol' Cat.

A week before Ben and I got married, we were going to a church function together. It was in the middle of Dec, cold, snowy, and icy. I was wearing a cute sweater and a denim skirt. I felt really special to be hand and hand with my love as we walked up to the church across the parking lot.

Now, to paint the picture a little brighter for those of you who don't understand a lot about Mormons (which we are) just let me tell you this: Our church teaches against "personal relations" (if you know what I mean...) until after marriage, and we are pretty strict about modesty. I am telling you this, to make the story that much funnier if you know how seriously we take certain things.

Back to my story...

So here I am, looking cute, holding hands with my future husband and walking up the church. When suddenly, somehow, the zipper on the back of my skirt went down taking my skirt with it. That's right, it was around my ankles before I felt the cold assault my exposed areas. Initially, I was a bit horrified, but then I saw Ben's face of terror and just had to laugh. And I did! I looked down and started laughing!

I said: "Opps!! I hate it when that happens!" and pulled it back up. I broke the ice, big time! Ben started laughing too and we were doubling over by the time we got in the church.

It wasn't until we were married for a few years that Ben confided in me that when my skirt fell off, he was terrified because he was afraid that I would start screaming and crying and he didn't know what to do. But when I started laughing so unexpectedly, he fell in love with me all over again!

Sure, I have changed since then. I am a wife and mother, and have grown and matured. But if my skirt fell off today?? I would still laugh!

That's just the kind of girl I am...


Amber Lynae said...

I don't think I would cry, or scream, I might try to ignore it, but It would definitely be funny.

Jenny said...

Hi. Just going through old comments and thought I'd stop by to say howdy :D

DaveandRuth said...

Good for you laughing!

Tobi said...

I would have laughed too. That's really the best reaction to have. =)

Single Mama NYC said...

And this is EXACTLY why I love you so much!

Meagan and John said...

well luckily I was alone when I discovered that my shirt had completely unbuttoned itself while I was at a pumpkin patch last Halloween so I just convinced myself nobody else saw, and have never worn that shirt without another shirt underneath it.

I don't know what I would have done, depends on my mood at the time, but I can tell you I would have never worn that skirt without a safety pin after that

I think it is great the reasons guys 'fall in love' with us, it is never something you think it will be