Monday, January 25, 2010

Mr. Bossy

Sometimes, it just floors me at how bossy Sam is. He tries to control every little aspect in Nephi's life... and mine too.

Drives me nuts.

What? You want an example? Okay.

Sometimes I take the boys to the corner gas station to get a "Bug Juice" (sounds gross to me...). Sam makes sure every single time, to pick the color he wants and then forces the same on Nephi, who gets upset because he doesn't want "Bug Juice" any more, he wants the purple "Hog Wash"... (sounds even worse...) Sam throws a huge tantrum and fit, and then retaliates by running down the candy aisle and grabbing some M&M's, which he KNOWS I am not going to let him have anyway.

Then ensues the drama. Which doesn't end until I have to drag him to the car and head home.

Life is so hard when you are 4... And even harder when you are 2.

Sam tries to dictate what they will wear, eat, and how and when they play with certain toys. This drives me crazy because it always ends in a fight. Because of Sam's disability (speech/ language impairment) Nephi has taken on many traits of an oldest child too. So here I am, dealing with two very strong willed personalities. They like the same toys, but have different tastes in movies and TV shows, and food -- which causes more fighting when Nephi won't under any circumstances conform to the will of Sam who doesn't know the meaning of compromise or collaboration. More fighting.

And some more.

What is a mom to do?

Will it ever end? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?


Amy said...

I would like to hope there is a light. If you find, would you share it with me??

DaveandRuth said...

Probably no light. Have you thought about seeing if Nephi can go to school too. Sometimes in cases like this, where the oldest child sets the example for the younger one...they let the younger one go to school to. I wish you luck!

BridgetJean said...

There is light at the end of the tunnel.....when they move out!!! Otherwise they're gonna bicker. My kids are 6 years apart and some days they love each other sooo much and other days I'm ready to knock both of them out......just kidding!! Life as a parent. Have an awesome day!

Jill said...

Mine are almost 7 and almost 5. We are STILL dealing with the same battle. My 7 year old will start to play a game with my 5 year old and then change the rules a million times. After awhile, my 5 year old can't take the bossing anymore and loses interest. This makes my 7 year old even more mad. It's never ending. Maybe when they go to college? ;)