Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boys will be Boys... Even in the Army (Part 2)

I thought to title this post something else in a greater effort to be creative, but there are no other words to describe what I want to write about today and the theme is very much similar to the post I wrote some months ago entitled: "Boys will be Boys... Even in the Army". If you missed that one, go ahead and click on the link and check it out, if you dare...

Anyway, I was really glad when Ben left Basic Training last September. Not only because I hardly got to talk to him while he was there, but because of the constant yelling, foul language, and nasty talk I could hear in the back ground. It got really old really fast, my eyes were opened to the lack of intelligence, education, and just plain manners some of America's Finest lacked. Really disappointed me.

However, I became a happy camper once again when Ben found himself among men and women who had similar education, ambition, and higher standards when he got to AIT (Advanced Individual Training). He has made some great friends these last few months and his (and my) confidence in the Army has been rebuilt once again. America's Finest really are just that. Which reminds me of what my late grandpa used to say, "There's a weenie in every ball park." And I think that is true with every group, whether it's the military, a religion, or even a slumber party -- someone there can ruin it for everyone. I was once again reminded that you can't judge a group of people by one or two of the members.

Now, having said that, let's move on, shall we?

Back to the old "boys will be boys..."

Apparently, Ben has earned status, "cool-points" if you will, by some very unorthodox ways. I would think that his bossy-daddy leadership skills would get him some respect, which they do. You should hear him tell some of the guys were to go... I get scared sometimes at his tone, but he says they don't listen and respect him if he asks "nicely." However, he really gets his status among the guys in other ways:

1. "He who receives the most big packages with homemade goodies to share, may win the love of many a soldier." Any questions?

2. "He who has a wife with the biggest cup size, will find much respect and envy from fellow soldiers." It's sad, but true. I was a little appalled to find out that my size was widely know among the guys there and that Ben gets mega cool points for "winning" me... like I was/ am a prize to be won. Wait a second... I am kind of am, though huh? But what has "size" got to do with it?? Must be a guy thing... right?

3. "He who shows a sensitive and romantic side to the female soldiers, will find himself revered among them." The women soldiers LOVE to ask Ben about me. They may be soldiers, but they are still women who love a good romantic tale. Apparently he scored big points the other day when a group of them asked him why the heck would he want to be a Mormon, after his explaining some of the things we don't do. This is what he said:

Ben after thinking for a few seconds: "Well, I think the best thing about being a Mormon is that we don't marry "until death do us part."

Female soldier confused: "What?! I don't get it!"

Ben: "We marry for 'time and all eternity'. We know we will be with our spouses forever. That's what I love about being a Mormon.

Females all gushing: "That is SOOOO romantic!!!"

Result = major cool points.

4. "He who can sew will find himself well sought among the soldiers." Basically, if you can sew on a button, fix a patch, or replace Velcro, you are the hottest thing since Ramen Noodles. Ben spends quite a bit of time patching uniforms on his weekends.

5. "He who is mechanically inclined will be a favorite among his superior officers." If Ben isn't being called down to fix a computer or printer at least once a week, I worry. Last week, he drove me crazy by taking apart all the vacuums because they were all broken, found out the problem, had the upper-ups order parts, and became the hero when he had them fixed and running. Why was I put out? Because sometimes he gets in trouble by taking things apart, especially if no one asked him too. But that's Ben for you... can't stand using or being around something that doesn't work. "Good enough" isn't good enough for him... But that's one of the things I love about him anyway.

And last but not least:

6. "He who produces the loudest forms of all bodily functions, may find many rewards, admiration, and back pats from his peers in uniform." What can I say? Boys will be boys, even in the Army...

PS -- If there are any more I have forgotten, do share!!


Anonymous said...

Great post.....

Tobi said...

Love this post! It's all so very true.

You might think this is crass but seriously you should try it. Tell Ben to start charging all those soilders for his mad sewing skillz. My husband made a good bit of dough helping other soilders establish internet connections in Iraq. Think about it.

Meagan and John said...

hehehehe, he who makes the loudest bodily function, hehehehehe....

So the other day we were at a church thing and we ended up taking home a teenage boy from our ward, one we know rather well, I stopped to talk to someone before heading out to the car and by the time I got there the 'men' (my husband and the teenager) where discussing just how much their bodily functions stink, I informed them that I once had some one ask if their aunt who was in a comma was rotting from the inside out cause I passed gas and they both agreed that I won, but as we continued to drive home I realized that these so called men were trying to prove who could be the stinkiest (not the noisiest, they like to let SBD) and so I was very happy that after we stopped at Sam's club and I got back into the car I was to put them all to shame!!!! Needless to say after riding the rest of the way with all the windows rolled down (not something they did when either of them 'stunk' up the car) I think I saw tears rolling down the teenage boys cheek as he walked into his house--

Yeah, I know that was a little too much TMI but I just have to say, if bodily functions gets you fame and admiration in the army (and not just at our house) sign me up cause I will be a freaking idle--I can also belch pretty good, John once told me the reason he loved me so much was cause I could belch better than any man he knew--glad I can make him proud

Back to the point that I realize this is TMI, but not many places I can brag about my unique talents, I am a lady after all

Kelly Dawn said...

love it! :) love it :) love it :)

Otter Thomas said...

It sounds like being a good husband and father is a cool thing in the army. Of course boobs and farts will always find their way into the discussion too.

Cheryl Martinson said...

Love following your blog:) Yes boys will be boys.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Too funny! (Cup size) LOL!

Amy said...

LOL... men... what can we say?