Friday, December 11, 2009

Fat Butt Friday: to Run and not be Weary

The dream has always been the same: me standing in a lush, green grassy field stretching as far as the eye could see. Then I start running, and I keep going. Up and over hills and around and around, and I never get tired.

Then I wake up.

And I am sad.

Have you ever had a dream, that you knew would never come true. Running is was my dream. Why? Because I could never do it. Even when I was a kid, I hated running because I just couldn't do it. My lungs would start hurting, or my legs, and I would have to stop after a minute or two, never longer. I blamed it on my ankles or my knees, or even my genes. I claimed that I hated running. It was boring and dumb... mostly because my body wouldn't cooperate. It just wasn't fair! All the other kids could do it. Why couldn't I?

My mom let me stay home from school once a year. That dreaded Friday at the end of the school year, that the other fitter kids looked forward to. I, on the other hand, hated "Field Day!" Mostly, because I got teased and called names when I came in last on the long run. Mom, I love her for this, spared me that, and I still owe her one or two for letting me hang out with her that day.

College's "Fit for Life" was a one credit class, and I got an incomplete because I couldn't run the mile.

Jogging and running have been the bane of my existance... forever.

Would I, could I, ever get over this??

Probably not.

Walking is good.

The Elliptical at the gym rocks.

And I have gotten really good at my stationary bike and the Wii Fit.

But the treadmill has silently mocked me from afar, daring me to jump on and make a fool out of myself. To tear down what I have left of self-dignity.

Last night, I got a baby sitter to come sit at my house after I put the boys down so I could head on over to the gym. I try to get over there once a week since Ben left, it will be so nice when I can go more though. But once a week, I'll take what I can get!!

I was feeling particularly peppy last night and cranked a big 2 miles in 20 min on a level 10 on the elliptical. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, I felt I might as well go another 10 minutes and do 3 miles. Then I heard it... the voice...

"Cat..." it whispered all creepily to me. Coming from behind me.

I looked.

It was my nemesis, Mr. Treadmill.

"Come do your last mile on me..." It taunted sarcastically.

"Shove it!" I told him, as I headed for the drinking fountain.

"Chicken..." it sneered.

Well, I reasoned, it wouldn't hurt to do a little cool down on the treadmill, right?

So I headed on over and hopped on.

As I messed with the buttons, I thought, even though I am a bit tired, I wonder if I can run longer than a minute now. It had been a while since I tried. It wouldn't hurt. If I am lucky, I might be able to do 2 minutes! Wouldn't that be cool?

So off I went.

It didn't feel as hard as I remembered.

I kept it steady at 5 miles an hour, and chugged a long. One minute passed... two minutes passed... and before I knew it, 5 whole minutes had gone by and I was still running along!!! Incredible! I felt my spirits rise, and a joy filled my soul and made me fly... metaphorically speaking, of course.

I kept going. And before my legs started getting tired, my chest started to hurt and I was having a hard time breathing. But I looked at my stats: 0.90 miles. Just .1 more and I ran a whole mile!!!!!! No way!!! I knew I could do it! So I pressed forward.

I did it.

And instead of doing the dance of joy, I started to cry like a baby. Yeah, the gym people probably thought I was certifiable. But I'll tell you, when you make a goal that has only lived in your dreams for so long... well, you know what I mean, crying, lots of crying is bound to happen.

So, I, Cat, ran my first mile in 12 min and 45 sec last night... living proof that dreams do come true.

Weekly Stats:
Starting weight: 279
Goal Loss: 80 pounds
Last week's Total lost: 62 pounds
This week's loss: 2 pounds -- down to 215 lbs
Total lost: 64 pounds

I think I did pretty good, especially since I wasn't really trying. But I'll take it! Besides, only 8 more days and my man will be in these skinnier arms!!! Woo Hoo can't wait!!

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Tobi said...

I'm so proud of you! Good Job!! Running is my nemesis. I despise running and I have never wanted to be good at it. I avoid with all the stealth I possess. =)

Although one time my son and I were walking into a Toys R Us. The parking lot was on an incline. (Trouble beckons) We were almost to the door and I stopped to answer my cell phone. My son hopped in a shopping cart while I was distracted. He used the building to push off from and pushed the shopping cart right into the parking lot. He built up quite a bit of speed by ducking down and throwing all of his weight towards the end of the cart. You should have heard him laughing. (Which is what alerted me to the trouble) You should have seen me run. I believe I achieved cheetah speed that day. Luckily the parking lot was not busy and mostly empty that morning. =)

Cynthia said...

I'm so proud of you! That is a BIG deal to achieve such a major goal. Congratulations!

You are doing GREAT. I'm stuck and not moving forward in my losing but I am at least maintaining what I lost which is more than I've done in the past. I'm hoping to kick it in after the first of the year and get the scale moving steadily down again.

Bridget said...

Congratulations! I'm so proud all that you've done and am impressed that you took on something that you have been so bothered by. I hope that your weekend goes smoothly and time flies for you until Ben comes home. Congrats again!

Our Family said...

Cat, that is awesome! What a great feeling to accomplish something like that! Congratulations!

Theresa Ward said...

I absolutely hate running. Which is why I surprised myself when I signed up to run a marathon three years ago. Here's the thing. Everyone I trained with (nearly 60 people) weren't runners either. Some where in their 70s and 80s. Some had battled with their weight their whole lives. Some were just starting to workout. And some had knee problems or arthritis or asthma. What we all had in common was this far flung goal to make it to the finish line baby step by baby step. After 6 months of grumbling and swearing I was going to quite I did it. And so did all those other non-runners alike. I have to say, I'm no longer a runner. Spinning, hiking, elliptical and weight classes are my workout of choice. But trust me, if you just think you can run, you will. And who knows, you may fall in love with it. Just remember, give each run that first 15/20 minutes where you feel like giving up and crawling into a ball on the ground and then find yourself amazed that it gets easier from there. Happy Christmas, Cuz!

Amber Lynae said...

Have you seen the movie What women want? There is a scene where they are pitching some running shoes ads to the client. And they have a woman running and say how she just takes her problems to the road. The road was always there for her to run out her frustrations and all. I have always loved that scene. I want to be that woman running out her problems. But one of my problems. I not a great runner.

I love your post. and Congrats. Keep on running.

Lydia said...

Cat you wrote my post for me. I have been running on a treadmill but for 2 min on and walking for 2-3 minutes this week when I went to the gym I set the speed lower and decided to go until I HAD to stop. I ran a whole mile and was so excited i too think that it was my first ever mile. Now to double it and do it outside by the end of April.
Thanks For the inspiration

Veronica Ernest said...

WOO HOO!!! Gosh, I wish I was there to celebrate with you. I totally know how that feels. I'm so happy for you!!!

Pam said...

Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourself.

Shan B. said...

Om My gosh Cat!!! That is so awwesome & I am so happy for you. I too have issues with running but for different reasons. I am short & overweight to my expectations but I have an ample bosom. After 2 kids it never went away...some people might love this but I wish they had gone down. Anyway...this has always been a problem when trying to run but I am happy to say that in this last year I have been able to improve significantly. I can jog 2 miles w/o stopping & I try to improve all the time. But way to go. I don't think I can do a mile that fast because I go at a little slower pace. Way to go Girl!!! Keep it up & I will too!!!

Pamela Donnis Designs said...

Congrats! That's a big deal. And I'm so excited that Ben will be home soon! You amaze me.

Amy said...

Yay Cat!!! I think that is truly awesome! I don't see myself ever running for that long. You are the exercise queen! You go girl!