Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poop Face

Yesterday morning, after breakfast, the kids were being so good that when they asked for a cookie, I was more than willing to oblige.

About 15 minutes later, Sam peeks at me over the child gate at me into my bedroom and announces rather loudly, "Baby Sam POOP!!!!!!" (Note if you don't know who "Baby Sam" is, see yesterday's post).

"Alright, I am coming..." I told him. But I wasn't fast enough.

"BABY SAM POOP!!!!" He yelled again.

"OKAY! I am coming!" I jumped rather gracefully over the child gate (big eye roll) and rushed in to save Nephi from, according to Sam, a really horrible poopy diaper.

"Nephi, did you poop?" I asked him.

"NOOOOOO!" He yelled and ran away. I grabbed him and did the sniff test.


Next comes the peek down the back test.


"Sam," I said addressing my eldest little tattle tale, and sometimes liar. "Nephi did not poop." I turned to go. Sam let out a yelp and pointed at Nephi's face. There was a little chocolate on the corner of his mouth from the cookie I gave him a few minutes earlier.

"Baby Sam POOP FACE!!!!" Sam yelled.


"POOP FACE!!!!" He yelled pointing frantically at the little chocolate smear.

"That's not poop. It's chocolate from the cookie," I tried to explain. I thought about wiping it up, but then Nephi ran off. Sam was in hysterics. He could not take that little chocolate on Nephi's face. I watched, trying not to laugh, as Sam grabbed a wet wipe and jumped his little brother, holding him down, wiping his face.

"Sam, that's enough!" I pulled Sam off the screaming Nephi. But Sam was satisfied. No more chocolate face.

"All done!" He said proudly.

All this coming from a kid who puts his own poop in the VCR. Can we say double standards here? Will I ever understand my own son?

Photo By Sam the Man


DaveandRuth said...

Nope you will not!

Tobi said...

Double standards indeed. Can't have that little brother copying his best ideas!

Jill said...

It's all perspective right!? ;)

SJB said...

That's cute.

Otter Thomas said...

Hilarious! Sam is such a helper.

I wrote a post titled Baby Poop Face once. I got several hits on "why the poop face" so be ready for that.

Jenny said...

Oh, that's funny. Hysterical actually...

hurstburst said...

Why is it little boys associate anything brown and gooey with poop? Wait, I think I already know the answer....

Anonymous said...

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