Monday, November 16, 2009

The Pink Belt

Do you know why bigger people always have sagging jeans in one or more areas? Because the clothes industry thinks all fat people are tall and won't make belts big enough for them either. All my jeans were too long, unless I bought them at Marice's (they have short ones with big waists), and I couldn't find a belt for the life of me that fit, until was down to at least a size 18. I suppose I could have ordered one, but how could I have known it would fit me?

Finally about two weeks ago I could fit in a "super large" belt -- which isn't "super large" really, just a ploy to make smaller plus size women feel bad about themselves. But I won't let it bother me, after all, I finally could wear belts again!

I picked a pink one with the double prongs, way cute and put it in my cart. Sam was instantly drawn to it. He pulled it out of the cart and started to play with the hook manufacturers attached to the end for display purposes. In the next ten minutes, Sam feel in love with my soon to be new pink belt. He was hooking it on to the front of the cart leading us around the store; he was wearing it around his neck like a boa; he even hooked it on the lady's cart in front of us in the checkout line and tried to get her to move over.

I knew then it would be hard to take away from him so I could wear it.

I was right.

At home it became a crane, a tow truck, Tarzan's vine, and even some sort of invention that hooked on everything while Sam swung it around. Why does he always like my stuff the best?

Sam was beyond angry when I took it away as I shoved him on the school bus later. Say goodbye to my belt, I thought. Evil laugh. I took the belt in the house, pulled the hook off and threw it in the trash, and I put on my new belt. It was cute!

When Sam got home he had totally forgotten about the belt... until I was bending over to pick something up and he saw it flash under my shirt. He was irate! He attacked me!!! Sam actually jumped on me and tried to pull it off. His little fingers fixed around it and I couldn't detach him for the life of me!

Finally, I gave up and took it off. When I handed it to him, he inspected it. After noticing the hook was missing, he pitched a fit.

"Sorry, it's in the trash!" And I went off to my room. I was totally put out over my new belt being possessed by my 4 year old.

About 5 minutes later, Sam came into my room with my belt in one hand and in the other the hook that I had thrown in the trash earlier. Oh, gross. He wanted me to put it back on. Erk. I did. He was a very satisfied customer... I on the other hand was not.

In the following weeks, we continue to battle it out over the pink belt. Today, I won. I'm wearing it right now... until he sees it... then we'll see.


Jill said...

It's funny how kids take ownership of your things. I won't even begin to list the things we've had battles over. Good luck. :)

Aleman's said...

My boys like to play with my bra. It makes a great sling shot or they use it to tie up their horses. It is funny how there imaginations work

MommyJo said...

Put the HOOK on something else and show him that he can play with it that way... or if Ben left any belts behind attatch the hook to that! ;) It is now time for you to be creative and manipulative! I deal with that often too(and have been since I was a teen since Cierra thought that if it was mine that she should destroy it! *she was pretty young at the time*)

mormonhermitmom said...

Or you could just go back to the store and get another belt that you like even better. With four kids, I always expect to get four of the same thing to keep the peace.

Pink. Take pictures, there has to be future blackmail material there somewhere. ;)

Our Family said...

Sammy has a creative mind!

Tobi said...

I agree with Mormonhermitmom take pictures of Sam playing with the pink belt. Future blackmail is looking like a distinct possibility.

My son Alec once put all my bras on at the same time. You can bet your sweet bippy I documented that moment. Hey I've got to show something to his future girlfriends!

Otter Thomas said...

Good luck with the battle over the pink belt. It sounds like it could be a tough one. At least you know he can stay focused on something.

Cheryl said...

That's hilarious. I would cave and buy him the exact same belt to make him feel like he won, LOL. I'm such a pushover sometimes.