Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New Name

Now, I am not really sure why, but Sam has renamed his little brother. Nephi is no longer "Nephi," or even "Ruffy". His new name is "Baby Sam." And I have no idea why Sam insists on calling him that... it's almost like a Sam version of "Junior" -- Which Nephi isn't anyway. Then there is the small fact that Nephi is almost the same height and size and Sam, not exactly a baby version of the oldest. So why Sam calls him Baby Sam is beyond me.

However, I have noticed that he uses the name for his little brother when he is feeling particularly bossy and obnoxious.

Scene: Sam is standing by the child gate looking at me over the top.

Sam: AHHHHHH (Screams at me, that's how he gets my attention, no "mama"s from him)
Me: What do you need, Sam?
Sam: Baby Sam naughty!!!!!
Me: What did he do?
Sam: Come, Baby Sam naughty!!!!! (he motions me to come with him so he can complete this tattle tale)

I find Nephi rolling around in baby powder on my living room couch. He gets in some trouble, but I know he is also being framed by Sam who most likely was the one who poured out the powder. So Sam gets in trouble too and I make him vacuum it up himself.Scene: I can't find the boys

This was a particularly scary thing. A few weeks ago, I told the boys we were going "bye bye in the car" and I left them standing at the front door to run back into my room to grab my coat. When I got back, they were gone!

I ran around the apartment calling their names and when I couldn't find them I ran outside. I looked all around and they were no where. I was panicking and on the verge of totally freaking out. Maybe I missed them in the apartment. I went back... no kids.

Then I had a sneaky thought. Could they...? Would they...? I ran out across the parking lot and looked in my car. This is what I saw:Yes, that's right. They went out to the car all by themselves, got in, and buckled themselves in their seats. They were just waiting for me. I was torn between amusement and spanking those little butts for nearly giving me a heart attack!

I scolded them and told them NEVER EVER do that to me again!! Then Sam pointed at Nephi and said: "Was Baby Sam!!!" Yeah, right, I am sure that he was the mastermind of the whole plan! Nice try, Sam.

So I have come to the conclusion that Sam calls Nephi, "Baby Sam" when he wants me to think Nephi did something that he himself really did... yeah, that must be it. I cracked the code!


Our Family said...

Wow! I would have panicked, too. I'm impressed that they got into the car and buckled themselves up, but the idea that they went into the parking lot alone is terrifying! The feeling that you lost a child is awful, even if it lasts only a few seconds. My son and I were separated for maybe a minute at the library, and it was awful. By the time we found each other, he was in tears and told me he thought I had died.

I'm glad Sam and Nephi were safe. Great codecracking on your part! Sammy's going to have to pick up his game. :o)

Jill said...

After your scary parking lot adventures, I would have been freaking out as well. Baby Sam!? That's hilarious.

Once my daughter told us that she wasn't Brinlee anymore and requested that we call her Bowy. Then it was Daisy. Glad that phase is over. :)

Meagan and John said...

my son was having a rather difficult time at the beginning of the school year cause, in his words, they called him 'shawnathan' and not dominic (they called him johnathan cause that is his name too)he seems to have adapted to it though. I thought I had blogged about it but I guess I will have to go and do that now.

I remember once going to the bathroom and upon my exit my son was gone, I nearly died--him and the dog went for a walk, he did that 2 days in a row before I spanked him in the street. Anyhow, I have lost my son a lot, he just wonders off while my back is turned, one would think I am use to it by now but definitely not, my heart sinks everytime and the fear is so intense as I scrabble to find him.

Good luck wit sam and baby sam

hurstburst said...

When my son Jeff was little (maybe two-ish) he loved Thomas the Tank Engine and consistantly called my husband Gordon and me Percy for months. I thought he'd never call us "Mommy and Daddy"!

Pam said...

Sounds like Baby Sam is Sam's naughty alter ego. Bright little boy you've got there! And thank goodness they were safe in their car seats. How scary.

Lori said...

You have the cutest boys. I love the little red head. I have two red headed girls. You should hop over to my blog some time. The one vacuuming the couch is hilarious. I have to watch my youngest or she will go out the front door. My oldest would have never done anything like that and yes my oldest is always trying to get the youngest in trouble. She is so jealous of her. Looks like you have your hands full.

SJB said...

Ohhh they so cute!.

kanishk said...

I would have been freaking out as well. Baby Sam!? That's hilarious. Work from home India