Monday, November 9, 2009

Like Unto Living in a Cave

We have hardly left the house at all this weekend. Mostly, because I have been a little out of sorts... not sick, just put out. Worn out. Burnt out.

You know, once in a while, life just gets to be too much and one's body just feels like shutting down for a few days. That was me this weekend. Totally and completely dysfunctional.

And the boys took complete advantage of the situation.

Sammy took around a bucket to all the doors in the apartment "Trick-or-treating." Although, he got no candy for his efforts, he highly entertained himself by irritating me by banging on the bathroom door, while I was in there, and yelling repeatedly, "trick or treat!!!!" "TRICK OR TREAT!!!!" When one is "busy" in the bathroom, that's just a little bit annoying to say the least.

Nephi ate my last two tomatoes. I was really depressed about that one. I had gotten them out and set them on the counter while the boys were eating their dinner. I then ran into the back room to grab something, and while I was in there, Ben called. I got distracted. Twenty minutes later, I found Nephi on the couch finishing off one of the tomatoes. I went into the kitchen to see if the other one was still there. It has yet to be found. I don't know what scares me more: the fact that Nephi could have eaten two tomatoes and will have to deal with nasty diapers today; or the possibility that there may be a tomato hidden somewhere in the apartment.

Sammy emptied another bottle of baby powder all over my living room and food storage shelves. I burned my vacuum out trying to clean it up.

Nephi painted the kitchen in Spaghetti'o Orange.

Sammy took apart our Rubik cube and tried to fed the pieces to Nephi.

One of them jammed a straw in my new printer.

And we barely escaped from a creepy Taco Bell guy who thought I was charming... but mostly was bothered by the fact I didn't order anything for myself.

Yeah, it was quite the weekend. We did make it to church, though, yesterday. It even went pretty smoothly, until I found out from church rumor that the primary (the kid's part of church) is having a hard time dealing with Sam and not talking to me about it. That was a little stressful.

But all and all, I am really glad we made it safely to Monday.

My one accomplishment, aside from coming out of the weekend alive, was keeping the place from becoming a complete disaster! We're all good there. But let me tell you, I need a nap. A nice long nap. Anyone want to watch my kids??


Jill said...

Why didn't the Primary come talk to you about Sam? Do they figure you have enough on your plate already? Which I do realize that you do. But a mother needs to know things.

I'm sorry about your crazy weekend. I do not envy the tomato-filled diapers coming your way. ;)

If I were in a position to come and take the boys for awhile, I totally would. You know that. But, alas, this almost-9-month pregnant woman must stay put at home and enjoy the amusing adventures her children conjure up as well.

I wish you luck and send many prayers your way. :)

Tobi said...

Good for you for taking a much deserved break! Not every moment needs to be filled with an activity. I'm sorry about the tomatoes. I don't envy you changing that diaper! But on the bright side at least your kids will eat tomatoes. Mine think tomatoes are the Devils Work.

DaveandRuth said...

The one thing I am thankful for is that my little girl's primary teacher that has been good to her this year was called to be primary president. Then they got an awesome replacement that totally gets it. It is probably the need of the primary to get a BETTER teacher for Sam's class. If I did not live in Cedar, I would on my way over right now to get your kids!

Lydia said...

Oh Cat, Sorry about the weekend I hope that you can recharge soon. I would love to have two boys come play if I didn't live states away.

Our Family said...

I don't envy your last weekend, but hopefully things will be better tomorrow. I wouldn't want any of those things to happen here, except the tomato incident. If either of my kids ate any vegetable on the sly I would be happy, happy, happy!

Our Family said...

...because they never eat them!

kanishk said...

I wish you luck and send many prayers your way. Work from home India