Monday, November 2, 2009

Homemade Halloween Costume Finalists:

Voting time!! Woo Hoo! I am so excited about this! I received several entries, and couldn't be more pleased about the turn out!

Alright, this is how I want to do this. Since there is just one me, and lots of cute costumes, and even more of you, I want to post these costumes for you to see! Then when you have finished pouring over these wonderful goodies, YOU get to vote (since I can't pick just one!!)... yeah, over there on the right hand side, for your favorite. The winner will be announced on Thursday. To get to it!

Entry #1: The Caramel

"As you can see, over a year it got a little tattered. She loved wearing it for dress up or whatever. I thought I did pretty good. There were other things I could have done but she needed to be able to move around and sit in a desk at school easily. So this is what we came up with." -JillEntry #2: Father Time & Baby New Year

"The year that our daughter was born, she was just three months old on Halloween and we dressed her all in white and gave her a sash that said 2005. My husband then took some white sheets and draped them around himself, tied it with a rope and then we put a sash on him that said 2004. He used his dad's Santa wig and beard and they went as Old Man Time and the New Year's Baby for Halloween that year." -Anita
Entry #3: The Cowboy, The Skeleton, and The Lady Bug

"In 2005 my son wanted to be a skeleton so we took black sweats and a black sweatshirt and used white painters tape and masking tape to make the bones (I think this is brilliant!! -Cat). My daughter also went as a lady bug using foam craft "paper" for wings, a black headband, red pom poms and black pipe cleaners. My hubby went as a cowboy, too. They were all so cute!" -Anita

Entry #4: The Star Wars Bounty Hunter

"...Back in August we bought our oldest a Star Wars themed blaster that so he could be a bounty hunter for Halloween. We figured we could have him carry it, then wear the safety vest we bought for flights (it's basically a replacement for a car seat; it anchors the belt where it is supposed to be) back in July. He has been calling it his "bounty hunter vest" ever since we got it, so we knew it would satisfy him.

"I've been trying to come up with helmet ideas ever since... Bounty hunter costumes are ridiculously expensive, and I didn't want to just slap one of those cheesy half-masks on him, which was all that our budget could buy. A week or so after arriving here at our new home, our household goods arrived nearly a month early. We've been inundated with packing paper and boxes since. I was staring at the mess one day and inspiration struck: paper mache!

"The rest of his costume ended up being made of cardboard and paper mache. We used the cardboard to make the shape of the jet pack, and packing paper for the paper mache. We basically blew up a balloon (thank you internet for that idea) a little larger than Wyatt's head, covered it with several layers of paper mache, and let it dry. Then we cut it into the right shape, lined it with an old cloth diaper so it would stop spinning around his head, and painted it with leftover craft paints. We had him wear camo pants, a long sleeve dark blue shirt, and his rain boots to complete the outfit." -Ana
The next few are from one family, so I combined some of them together into one entry. So if you vote for one, you vote for the other.

Entry #5: The Indian & Hermione Granger

"Here is Hermione Granger from the famous Harry Potter movies and Books. Please not the wand. It was a light at the end to light the way in the dark.
She is wearing a Gray cable knit sweater. Gray Box pleated Woolen skirt and traditional Hogwarts Robes with Griffindor tie. Personally I would of stopped with the robe, but since we had to go with the description in the book as well as the movie I spent too much money and time sewing this to get it just right.

"Next is our beautiful Native American. This came from the imagination of Jessica by 9 year old. She wanted to be an Indian. We looked though countless book and I did endless drawings. It had to be just want she wanted. Light colored with a colorful ribbons. Must have pants, and I longest shirt, but NOT a DRESS." -Sherri
Entry #6: The Man in Black & The Musketeer

"Mike, my husband, wanted to be Zorro one year. So as a good wife I went shopping for the pattern and material. He didn't like the material. It wasn't right. He bravely went to the three fabric store with me to find the right material. We finally found it at Walmart of all places. ( Don't get excited it wasn't a Utah Walmart) It made a wonderful cape. It has only been worn twice. The year as Zorro and this one as the Man in Black. Oh we also had to find the rapier to go with the outfit. (Got to Love ebay)

"This is his Three Musketeer outfit. It is only the tunic. It turned out the best and it took me the least amount of time to make. The hat is foam that I found at Hobby Lobby the day of the Halloween party." -Sherri
Entry #7: Jane Austen Dress & Scottish Lass

"Jane Austen dress. I'm only adding this to the other costumes because it took me the longest time, and the most headache. I probably will never wear it again. It is a white dress with teal green overlay.

"my Scottish outfit that I wear every year to the Scottish festival. It is a corset vest (with boning in it) if I let my sister in law lace it up I can't breathe. It has the tradition ties in the front, but it also has laces up the back. ( why I put these in, because the pattern said to. I wish I didn't) It has a billowy sleeve under dress with a circle neck. and a Long Heavy Linen skirt. I didn't consider this a costume because I wear it a few times a year. But I did wear it trick or treating with my kids last year. When asked what I was I said I was a 16th century witch. I wore a black cape over it, to keep warm of course." -SherriEntry #8: The Prince & The Princess
"From the time Halloween first came up months ago Gordon wanted to be a John Deere tractor and Kate wanted to be a princess. About a week ago Gordon saw me working on Kate's costume and got to thinking about the whole plan. He told me "I want to be a prince instead because the prince needs to rescue the princess." We had not the easiest time finding a crown to go with his costume and when Gordon asked about it I explained that not many boys want to be princes for Halloween so there aren't a lot of prince costumes out there. He told me 'I don't really like princes either, but we need a prince to rescue the princess.' He really loves his little sister! " -Damaris
Entry #9: Baseball Players
"They are both baseball players, but Rachel is "Katie Casey" from the WWII All-American Baseball League (the league that was formed with women when there were so many men at war). One of our favorite pictures books is Players in Pigtails (Corey) and so when we came up with the idea for Halloween because one of her big requirements was that her costume have a hat. This is the best of both worlds in her opinion because she gets to wear a dress too. We just got the dress at a thrift store and added patches and buttons and of course a felt 4 because she's 4-years-old (she insisted on this part). Her brother got in on the baseball action by getting some little baseball short pants (thrift store pants, cut, with elastic added) and then we added our last name on the back of his jersey with patches." -BridgetAlright, everyone! That's it! Now zip back up top and vote to your right! I know, it's hard, but you can do it! Good Luck to all the contestants! Polls close on Wed. Nov 4th at 11:59 pm.


Jill said...

Well, of course I'm gonna vote for the caramel. ;) However, there are some AWESOME homemade costumes! I really liked the 3 musketeers one, too.

Pam said...

Awesome costumes. I love the creativity and the talent that went into them. My favorites: the caramel - most unique, muskateer, Father Time and Baby New Year. And who can resist a prince who insists on saving the princess. Too precious.

Pajama Mama said...

They're all so good!!!

Twincerely,Olga said...

stopping by from SITS!!!! great blog! I voted!

Twincerely,Olga said...

stopping by from SITS!!!! great blog! I voted!

Our Family said...

Wow, they are all really cool costumes! How am I going to decide?

Anonymous said...

Aw, nuts! We can only vote once? I tried to vote for two different ones. :o)

Amy said...

What awesome costumes!!!!! Kudos for mom's who make thier kids costumes. Here I am... sending them out in last years!! LOL I don't have the creativity. Good for you guys!!!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Thanks for making this blog post. Homemade Halloween Costumes are something you don't see a lot of anymore these days. Making your own Halloween costumes is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination fly and to get really inventive.

Enjoyed your blog....

Barbara Cook said...

Great halloween costumes! My bets are the Indian girl and the prince and princesses. They look so cute!

Cheers and have fun xxx
Homemade Halloween Costumes