Friday, November 13, 2009

Fat Butt Friday: 5 Weeks Until He Comes Home!

That's right my friends, 5 weeks tomorrow and I will be in my hubby's arms! Woo Hoo! But this also means I am doing my VERY best to get off a few more pounds before he sees my new self at the airport... holy cow, I can hardly wait!

So for these next 5 weeks, I am doing the big push. Extra exercises, absolutely no cheating with the kid's Halloween Candy, and eat lots of fruit and veggies. I don't really have a set goal of what I want myself to weigh... because I want to stay realistic. I weighed in at 222 this morning... Ben is 205... could I hope to be that too when he comes home? I have NEVER been the same weight as him, or less. I've always been at least 20 pounds more. But at the same time, that's still a substantial amount of weight (17 pounds) to lose in 5 weeks, and above all I want to do this in a healthy way. So I can just do my best, work hard, and see where I go!

Here's a little recipe I made up to keep my candy/ chocolate cravings in check:

Cat's Homemade Lo-Cal, Lo-Fat, Lo-Carb Hot Chocolate

Hershey's Cocoa Natural Unsweetened (Their newest formula have 1/2 the calories as the older -- I went and bought a new one)
Spelenda (I like it in the box)
Vanilla Extract

Optional adds:
Peppermint Extract


Boil some water. In a coffee mug add 1 Tablespoon of Cocoa, and 3-5 Tablespoons of Spelenda (depending on how sweet you want it). When the water is boiled, add it to your mug. Stir. Add 1/4 teaspoon of Vanilla extract.

For other flavors you can sprinkle in some cinnamon, or drop a few drops of peppermint extract in there.

That's it! Enjoy!

Info: Calories = 10; Fat grams = 0.5; Carbohydrates = 3 (Fiber 2 g; Sugars 0g) (Note: these are my own calculations)

And before I forget....

Weekly Stats:
Starting weight: 279
Goal Loss: 80 pounds
Last week's Total lost: 53
This week's loss: 4 pounds -- down to 222 lbs
Total lost: 57 pounds

For those of you who are new to Fat Butt Friday click here! For those of you joining in, don't forget to leave us your link, so we can come over and cheer you on!!!

For my weight loss tips see last week's post here!

PS -- I added more pictures to my post My Secret Recipe -- check it out!


Cynthia said...

You've made tremendous progress! I'm so proud of you! 17 lbs. in 5 weeks is steep so you are wise to not pin all your hopes on it while continuing to put in effort toward that goal. People with hard line number goals nearly ALWAYS give up when they realize the unrealistic goal is unattainable. Instead of adjusting their expectations- they quit.

You are doing this the RIGHT way and have a good attitude- that should keep you losing just fine.

Chief said...

What an amazing amount of weight you have lost! WTG!

Practically Perfect... said...

That is so awesome! Congrats on the continuing weight loss :-)

Lydia said...

Way to go, Keep it up and if you are smaller that's great if not you will be when he comes home to stay.

Pam said...

Congrats on your continued weight loss. And how exciting that Ben will be home in 5 weeks. I hope the time flies!

The Carlsons said...

Last week was the first time I read your blog so today I was reading back through all your Fatt Butt post!!!! You've done an amazing job and your husband is going have to pick his jaw up off the ground when he sees you.

Hang in there the next 5 weeks and keep on going.

You've inspired me to get my act together. After not taking off most of my baby weight after two kids and the hubby loosing 50+ pounds in the last three years I'm officially weighting more than him for the first time in our marriage.

Keep up the motivation.