Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do I Sense a Smidgen of Jealously??

Ben has always felt very secure in our marriage, and I have never given him a reason to ever doubt my unwavering devotion to him. Which is super great that he trusts me so much. However, I am a woman. And we all know that women like to see their men a little jealous every now and then. Keeps them on their toes, you know, and reminds them what they have. Every good wife loves her husband to be a little protective and manly every once in a while... it's so blasted sexy to feel "safe" with our men.

However, Ben is so straight laced that he never gets jealous... not even annoyed. Don't get me wrong, I love it that he holds me in such esteem. But it would feel nice, I think, to see him get his hackles up about something! I mean I do, with him... One time, when I was like 8 months pregnant with Sam, we were checking out at Albertson's and the cashier totally hit on him right in front of me! Hello! Pregnant wife standing by! Some women have no tact, pride, or common sense. I hated the feeling that some women just didn't care... and I felt like they were saying to me, "What is this hottie doing with a fatty like you when he can have someone like me!?" Now, I am sure they weren't all thinking this... but I bet some were.

Anyway, I know I am not miss skinny mini... yet... but lately I have been noticing that I have gotten a little more attention from the opposite sex. Hey, I'm not complaining, it's nice to be noticed and appreciated every once in a while. Sometimes, the experiences are so dang funny I have to run home and call Ben and tell him all about it.

Like the other day, when I was standing in line at the Walmart checkout. There was a small group of Spanish speakers standing behind me checking me out. How did I know? Well, they were talking about me and had no clue that I happened to be fluent in Espanol. They thought I had a nice butt and lovely chest -- I won't tell you the real words they used but they were a bit crude. But I decided to make light of it, and instead of telling them off, I just turned around and told them what a nice day it was in Spanish. Faces turned white. I smiled and suppressed laughter until I got to the car.

Ben thought this was hysterical.

Then today we were at Walmart again... I know it seems like we go there a lot, but we still get a discount, a penny saved... Anyway, there is this guy that works at the Subway that has been giving me and the boys cookies when we come in. He's always a little flirty too, but I mostly ignore that. I mean, hey, free cookies! Right?

So I was telling Ben about it on the phone tonight.

Silence on the other end.

"What?" I asked, confused that he wasn't teasing me or chuckling about it.

"Don't go there too often okay?" He said.

"Why not?"

"Because he likes you!"


"But he is giving you free stuff!" He told me.



"Holy Cow, Ben! Are you jealous!?" I had to ask... could it be that my trusting hubby may be having a manly moment?

"Well, no... I just don't like it. It's creepy." He said trying to steer the conversation.

"The Creepy Cookie Guy... Yeah, I like it..."

"It's not funny!" He said.

"Yeah it is... for the first time in a long time my husband is feeling manly and protective... I like this new you. The Army has done a good job!"

Silence. Yeah, he didn't have much to say to that. And he still doesn't think it is funny... but I do! I just didn't tell him that the guy is like in his fifties, bald, and covered in tats... so not my type. But I think I will let him stew for a bit... you know let him have a healthy taste of what a jealously feels like. Does that make me evil? Only a little... LOL.


Angela Speaker said...

I think both individuals in a relationship/marriage like to know that their spouse is a little jealous every now and then. It reassures us that that "hey, he really wants me, and wants to keep from those other men out there"

I notice when I get jealous my hubby looks a little more confident in the fact that I think he's sexy :) I feel the same way when there are twinges of jealously on his part.

I'm sure Ben will eventually think it's funny...especially when you fill him in on the guys appearance :p

And the mention of subway makes me hungry!! Thanks for the post, I always enjoy reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that Ben. Mom

Anonymous said...

That is so funny!! The part about the guys speaking Spanish cracked me up! My husband isn't ever jealous either. I had a guy sit down next to me in the dr's office and tell me that I had the most beautiful eyes. I told my husband about it later. No reaction. He could have at least agreed. :o)

Amy said...

Yeah, my husband never gets jealous. But there is rarely reason for him to get jealous. I don't get much, actually any attention from the opposite sex, so I think that he feels pretty safe. He only admitted like one time when he actually felt jealous. Put a smile on my face :) I get jealous all the time!! Drives me nuts when women hit on married men!!!! ANYway... :)

Lydia said...

Love the walmart stories. they are great. I think that it might be just a little bit of longing too. Having someone else see how you look and not being able to.

Practically Perfect... said...

This blog post made me laugh out loud repeatedly, and I liked it SO much that I had to read it to my husband :-) He is very much like Ben. When we were first married, it used to bother me that he didn't get jealous. His response was that he thought getting jealous was a bad thing, and that he had absolutely no reason to believe that I would do anything to make him jealous, so why should he act that way? In his mind, his lack of jealousy was a compliment to me and my behavior. Very flattering, but like you said - you know how we women can be! He has had a few jealous moments since then, but not many, thankfully :-)

Very cute post!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I am so with you. And, my hubby doesn't get jealous either -- not that we are anywhere lately that he would. But, even back in the days of being out and about, LOL!

You are adorable... And, the 'spanish speakers' and you busting them? You are so my type of Gal.

Wait, I mean...Mom...I mean.... Well, you know what I mean! LOL!

Pam said...

Loved that story with the Spanish "admirers" in Walmart! I wish i could have witnessed that. Brilliant!

Jillien said...

I totally agree, and it seems that our husbands are long lost twins in regard to the jealousy issue. Not a twinge! Never ever! its incredible.

Truth be told, I'm less jealous than he is....

Great Post! Blessings from Louisiana,