Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trust Me, It's Possible...

Don't you just love arguing with idiots? You know, people who argue the truth right in front of their face? No, I'm not getting political on you... or religious... I am talking good old fashioned, everyday, common morons.

Ben still talks about a guy he used to work with back when he was pushing carts at Wal-Mart. He used to come home every night with a "Sisco" story (name has NOT been changed to protect the guilty). This guy was a winner, let me tell you! Ben said he would argue that the day was really night and the night day if he was prompted too. One of Ben's biggest pet peeves is people acting like they know what their talking about when, in fact, don't have clue one. One night after a particularly bad night, Ben confessed that he was sure Sisco would never go anywhere. The funny thing is, I pulled into Wal-Mart yesterday and guess who was still pushing carts? You guessed it, Ben's man Sisco.

I myself had an experience with one of these stones (def: one who has the personality of a rock) a few weeks ago when I went to go vote in the primary elections.

I walked in with Nephi in tow, Sam being in school, and found the right table to check in at. I told the lady my name. She looked on her list and found it... she frowned.

"There is a typo on your name... you may not be able to vote today Ma'am," she told me.

"Let me see," I said. I checked my name. No typo. "It looks fine to me." She grunted like I was an idiot who couldn't spell my name. "Catherine" can be hard for some people, but it has always been my name and I know very well how I spell it.

"Your last name is wrong!" she snapped. It looked fine to me. I mean how can you miss spell a four-letter last name?

"No, ma'am. That's how you spell it," I told her nicely.

"There is no "E" on the end! Everyone knows that last name has an "E" on the end!!" She was losing her cool big time. It was getting personal.

"Not mine. My last name does NOT have an "E" on the end," I politely informed her. I pulled out my ID and showed her the spelling. "See." That should have ended it. Who can argue with common sense? Idiots, Morons, and Imbeciles that's who!

"Your family must have messed it up somewhere down the line."

"No, I don't think so... can I have my ballot now so I can vote?"

"It's impossible!"

"No, trust me, it's possible..." I held my hand out for the ballot.

"Peggy," interrupted the woman next to her, finally! "Let the woman vote!" I smiled at her and nodded a silent "thank you!" The woman, Peggy, finally handed me the ballot and I turned to walk away. She just couldn't let it go and yelled out, "They must have messed it up on Ellis Island!!!" I turned around and smiled at her.

"You're wrong, sorry." Then I jumped into the voting booth before she could say another word.

I could of said it ended there. But Nephi took charge while I was in the booth and dropped a bunch of "I Voted" stickers in the ballot box sitting right next to my new friend Peggy. Bummer... now she is going to have to unstick all the ballots... you naughty, naughty boy Nephi...

It may be one of Ben's pet peeves to encounter the incompetent, but to me, it makes life a little more interesting.... what about you?


Lydia said...

I so get you, Talking to someone who won't admit that they are wrong can be very comical. kind of like talking to kids some days.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, is that I know EXACTLY how you feel!!

Jill said...

Go Nephi!!!

Our Family said...

How rude! At least you got a good story out of it. :o)

Single Mama NYC said...

WOW. I hate to say it, but people like her is what makes this world a difficult place sometimes. If there weren't people like her we'd probably have had peace on earth centuries ago!