Monday, October 26, 2009

The Mother of all Tantrums and Other News

There was a major tantrum in the Nutshell over the weekend. I am talking full fledged, rolling on the floor, arms and legs flailing, toys and other items flying, and lots of crying, yelling, and tears. No, it wasn't Sam. Not even Nephi. It was me.

No kidding. I had an honest to good tantrum. You should have seen the boys faces. I wish I had had a camera.

I had had it with the fighting, the messes, the destruction of my precious things. I couldn't take the yelling and crying and fits. The beaning each other with toys and coloring on the walls and furniture was just too much! And when I came in the living room to find 2 full packages of wipes unloaded and completely covering the carpet white... I couldn't bear it anymore.

Now there were lots of little things leading up to this Mother of all Tantrums (pun intended) -- but mostly all the little reasons came down to 3 big ones:

1. Ben being gone had finally taken it's toll on me. I just couldn't be strong anymore without giving into that big cry that I haven't had in a while. Sometimes I feel so trapped in this house with no adult conversation and feeling a slave to the needs of the little ones.

2. Kids having every kind of illness keeping us shut up in the Nutshell. This would drive anyone bonkers after half a day.

3. I needed a nap. I REALLY REALLY needed a nap. And those don't come when you're the only parent in the house... AND the only one who will take a nap.

So when the going got tough, I threw a tantrum. It was quite a show, if I may say so myself. The kids even stood transfixed, jaws hanging as all laid it all out on the living room floor.

It was silent when I stopped. Then I just started crying. After a minute or so, I heard a little hand on my shoulder, and a little voice say: "Mama okay?"

It was Nephi. I told him I was fine. And you know what? I WAS! I felt great! It felt so nice to get it all out and let it go... and now it was all okay. Actually, I felt so good, I started to laugh... which made the boys laugh too.

We ended up rolling around in the wet wipes laughing and tickling each other. It was nice.

Now, I am ready to face the week and move forward! Less than 8 weeks until Ben comes home for Christmas!! Woo Hoo!

The moral of this story: It's okay for the Mama's and Dada's out there to pitch their own fits every once in a while. Man, does it feel good!


Other stuff:

I got an email from Hallmark a few weeks back, asking me to tell you all about their holiday Charity Cards collect this year. For every purchase you make, 20% of the profits goes to a charity of your choice, including: March of Dimes charity (a non-profit that promotes pregnancy and baby health) and the Susan G Komen for the Cure charity (a breast cancer charity organization). For details click here.

A reminder that I am still taking entries for my Halloween Homemade Costume Contest. So far I have only had ONE entry... come on guys, I know you don't all buy pre-made costumes! And it doesn't even have to be completely homemade, just original ideas. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Albertson's or Smith's (which ever is best for the winner) -- I figure this would pay for a nice Thanksgiving meal or other food items you may need or want. For more details click my link on the left side.

Update: Don't worry if you don't have an Albertson's or Smiths, if you are a winner, let me know a local store you shop at and I am sure I can find a gift cert. online.

Everyone have a super Monday!!


Emily said...

Oh Cat, I wish we lived closer so I could give you some good old fashioned adult conversation and the kids could play together for a break every once in a while! Good for you and your tantrum. And maybe it's good that your kids got to see you get so upset! Sometimes I think it is good for kids to be treated to a dose of mom reality and the "mom isn't always happy and wonderful all the time" reality. Good luck and get a giant count down clock until Ben gets home!!

Lydia said...

SO been there done that. yes it feels great and is needed. I hope your next few weeks go good. and those little nuts aren't too bad.

Pam said...

Glad you are feeling better. Everyone needs a good cry every now and then and sometimes only a full blown tantrum will do. Hang in there. You are one amazingly strong woman.

Single Mama NYC said...

Yes, it does get overwhelming sometimes being the only parent. If I didn't have the help I get during the day 2 or 3 times a week I'd be writing weekly posts like yours. Hmmm, maybe DAILY! :-)
Cheer up, Cat - you're doing a great job, really you are! And if you ever need some grown-up conversation just let me know, I'd be HAPPY to talk you out of your next tantrum!

Tobi said...

Good for you. Let it all out girl!!

Amy said...

LOL! That's right... let it all out!! I am so sorry that things are so rough. I honestly don't think that I could do what you do. You are amazing... really. I am glad you had a good cry, scream, kicking... whatever else. What's even better is that you felt better afterwards. Gives you new insight to when your kids throw full out tantrums, huh? :)