Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Can't Find My Toilet!

We have the smallest bathroom known to man... or pretty darn close anyway. When we first moved in, there was only a bathtub, toilet and a sink. That's it. No shelves. No cupboards. Nada. There was a small towel rack, and the toilet paper dispenser was under the sink.

So we went and bought some drawers and our own cabinet. Ben put up a bunch of shelves and we were set. Well, kind of. Now there was only limited room to move, and there wasn't much to begin with.

Then came the potty training paraphernalia: little side potty, potty seat for the big potty, books to read while "waiting" and potty charts on the wall. Then there were the toys for the bath that need room, and the scale, which lives under the laundry basket. Don't even get me going about all the kinds of shampoo and soap I have collected, and other "supplies" only meant for me.

It's any wonder I can even make it to the bathtub to shower! Which, by the way, is a journey in itself.

But at night. When it's dark... (Have I told you that the bathroom light has a really loud fan that wakes up the boys?) Well, it's super hard to navigate to the toilet with no light. I get lost sometimes. But never as bad as last night.

I think, no, I take that back, I KNOW I let the laundry basket get too full and some time in the night it tipped off the scale and feel over. I woke up early in the morning and made my way in there. The trap was set and I was an unsuspecting soul walking right into it. My toe caught in one of the holes in the basket and I feel over it and into the tub, missing the toilet by a few feet. No, I did not hurt myself. It just gave me a very rude awakening.

I climbed out of the tub and tried again, this time I did find the toilet, eventually. But getting out of the bathroom... that's a whole other story. Now, I don't blame myself for any of this. It wasn't my fault! I blame it solely on the toilet. I swear it was hiding from me -- trying to get me back for the other day... we won't go there! So in the words of my infamous anonymous commenter: "All I can say is, how rude!" (But that doesn't change my mind about securing the laundry basket tonight before I go to bed).


Meagan and John said...

gotto love the potty training paraphenalia--since we were trying to potty train multiple children at once we have collected a rather large collection of potty seats and stools.

Amy said...

LOL!!!! OK.. I gotta admit, when I pictured you falling over into the tub (having personally witnessed the resemblence of your bathroom to a porta potty) I really laughed out loud. Way too funny!!!! Glad you didn't get hurt though... then it wouldn't have been as funny... well maybe a little funny :)

Kristin said...

Im sorry I giggled! Our bathroom is pretty small too, it does get cramped :)

Pam said...

We have an itty bitty bathroom as well and I can totally relate. I say tie the laundry basket down and get a nightlight!

heather@thewifeydiaries said...

I promise I'm not laughing aaatttt you. I'm laughing With you... :)

Tobi said...

My laundry basket rolls and yesterday it tried to kill me too! I think the laundry baskets everywhere are staging a HOSTILE takeover.