Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween: The Not so Candy-Coated Truth

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, and it has nothing to do with the decorations, haunted houses, or pumpkins (although they are all fun too), and everything to do with costumes and CANDY. I loved dressing up as a kid and having my picture taken. Back in the 80's all the kids wanted to be punk rockers. I was that one year. Then every little girl has to be a witch and a princess at least once. I remember being a fairy, a baby, a southern bell, and a flapper (which I have a really good picture of but my sister would string me up by my toe nails if I shared it with you. Yeah, she was in it with me in a rather impressive costume... I still chuckle when I think about it). Anyway, Halloween was good to me in my youth.

However, I am an adult now, I, by no means will I indulge in Halloween behavior. No, you didn't just see me suspiciously roll my eyes! In fact, I haven't dressed up since I was single. Why? Because I didn't want to. That's why. It might have had a little to do with my weight... okay, mostly a lot to do with my weight. I just felt uncomfortable and didn't want to draw attention to myself. If you know what I mean.

But Ben, he has no shame when it comes to Halloween. None at all. Not only did he dress up our first Halloween together, but he also took our 3 week old baby Sam trick-or-treating. I told him that no one in their right minds would give him candy for a new born. Duh. "Everyone will know you are collecting for yourself," I told him. "And you are WAY too old to be trick-or-treating!" Did that convince him? No way! Off he went with Sam dangling in his puppy costume in a snugly.

I was shocked when he came back an hour later with his bucket full of treats. What the heck!? I thought. He told me that everyone thought Sam was just so cute they had to give them candy. Then Ben hit some student housing and the girls didn't even think that Sam couldn't eat it yet. He thought he was so clever!

Do men ever really grow up when it comes to holidays?

So yesterday, I took the boys to Walmart and I let them pick out a t-shirt for me to wear when we went Trick-or-Treating. They picked the one with spiders. They love spiders. Here I am:
Then I drew a spider on my face, which drove Sam up the wall! "Spider! Spider! Spider!" he kept saying pointing at my face. It got old really fast. Luckily, they were quickly distracted by all the excitement of being in costume and getting candy -- the student housing was passing out candy a night early. It took Sam only 3 doors before he started saying, "TRICK TREAT! TRICK TREAT!" rather energetically, but he was very respectful when it came to picking out his own candy. Nephi on the other hand, is his father's son -- when the bucket was held out, he took liberties that were very embarrassing to me, but would have made his daddy proud. It was fun.Now, as parents, we try to be cool about the kids candy. Even to the point, sometimes, that we make strict rules about its consumption. To back up these "wise" rules we give the following reasons:

1. Candy is not good for your teeth.
2. If you eat too much it will make you sick.
3. It will spoil your dinner.
4. Only one piece a day, if you are good AND eat all your dinner.
5. It's full of fat and sugar and just plain unhealthy.

Now, we all know that these rules are only enforced for our own self interest. No use in lying to ourselves, right? Here are the real reasons we keep our kids away from their stashes

1. We don't want them to have a chance to memorize what they have. Why? So they won't notice when some of it is missing the next day.
2. We don't want to clean up their "sick".
3. We want them to eat dinner so they will eat less candy, leaving more for us!
4. Even though they only get one piece, what's stopping us from picking out the best stuff and eating 5 -10 pieces after they go to bed!?
5. Besides, if people really wanted the kids to keep their candy, they would give them smarties and candy corn. Don't tell me you have never exchanged knowing winks with candy passer-outers as they slip that king size candy bar into your toddler's basket. Yeah, the good stuff... it was really meant for us.

Besides, let's face it, if we let our kids have complete control of their own candy, they just wouldn't be responsible, and worse, we might have to actually ASK for a piece! What fun would it be to be a parent then? Unthinkable! Which reminds me, I think I hear a Kit-Kat in Sam's basket calling my name...

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

All entries for the Halloween Costume Contest Must be in by Sunday, 1 Nov 2009 at 11:59 pm. We will be voting on the top ten starting Monday. Winner will be announced on Thursday. Thanks everyone!


Lydia said...

Haven't you ever heard of taxes it works on big kids too.

Jill said...

The boys' costumes turned out GREAT! I'm way impressed.

Oh, we TOTALLY "sort" through the kids' candy as soon as we get home from trick-or-treating for the very reason you listed... so they can't memorize what they have. It was dark out, they don't know what they have yet. Plus, they're still young and don't realize how great the real good stuff is yet. My daughter had a whole bunch of smarties one year. ;)

Pajama Mama said...

Cute shirt! You look gorgeous!

PS - Congrats on your 50 lb. goal!! That has got to feel fantastic!

Glad to "meet" you! Happy Halloween!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I sooo had my eye on the kit kat in my kid's bag, but I am a little concerned that he really KNOWS it's there-- damn!

Anonymous said...

Another KitKat lover! Woo hoo! I had to take my two skeletons around the neighborhood last night along with four other children whose parents told them to go by themselves or just stay at home. Can you believe that? It was pitch dark and they had no flashlights, had never been outside the apartment complex and would have had no idea how to get they came with us. I made everyone give up 2 KitKats each in "payment" for my chaperoning services LOL!!!

Our Family said...

True, true. Do you remember trading candy at the end of a good Trick-or-Treating night? We'd always divide our candy into categories, then get ready to bargain. Tootsie Rolls were in their own categorie. I couldn't wait to get rid of all of them. I think I've eaten only one (maybe two) in my entire life. Tootsie Rolls = gross. :o)

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Ha! You made me laugh! I love that your husband took your son to get his candy.

I'm the Snickers snatcher:)

Joy said...

Look at you rocking those gorgeous cheekbones!

Stopping by from the SITS Halloween Parade :o)

Amy said...

Heck yeah I would string you up by your toenails!!! You will dangle that picture in front of my face for the rest of my life!!! I was a penguin!! I looked pretty ridiculous. ANYway, you look gorgeous of course :) I love your boys costumes, I think it is great that you make them yourself every year. You have always been good with stuff like that.