Friday, October 9, 2009

Fat Butt Friday: So Much for "Maintenance"!!

I think I am going crazy.

I did everything I was supposed to do to stop losing weight and start to maintain it. I admit that sometimes I felt I ate too much, and laid in bed at night worrying about what the scale will say in the morning.

So the good news. I didn't gain any weight this week! Woo Hoo! The weird news: I actually LOST more weight! Three pounds. It's true. Sam had to scoop me up off the bathroom floor after I passed out when I saw what the scale said.

All I can say is: YIPPY!

Eating well, losing weight, well on my way to fit my booty in size 16s!

Do you think Ben will recognize me when I go pick him up at the airport?

Weekly Stats:
Goal weight to lose by Dec 19th: 50 pounds or more.
Weight lost up to last week: 40 pounds.
Weight lost this week: 3 pounds.
Total lost: 43 big ones!

Maybe this week I will slow it down some more. Give my flabby arms a chance to catch up.

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Meagan and John said...

you know I on my taebo tuesdays and thursday but now take every oppertunity I have to walk a my son too and from his school a few blocks away--I take the babysitting kids with, and make them walk also, it wears their little butts out and they are napping by 11--anyhow, I started walking regularly and a started paying a little more attention to my diet (OK, so I upped my medication as well which caused me to lose my apetite) anyhow, I have lost 15 lbs, well that is where the scales were 3 weeks ago, and that is where they still are, but since aunt flow is suppose to be showing up at any moment I am hoping that is excess water weight and going ot be less in a week, either way I am so completely stoked and then when I saw you lost 40 lbs I wanted to major high 5 you, it has never been easy for me to lose weight, and even though people keep telling me how good I look little do they know that I was over 200 lbs and on the brinx of diabetes because of it--my weight loss isn't for appearances, it is so I can better my health

either way, I just wanted to let you know that i know this isn't easy and it is so awsome you lost so much, I usually read your blogs readily but skip out on the fatt butt fridays because it made me feel bad that I couldn't lose weight, but now I am totally onboard, now lets just hope I can keep the 15 I have already lost and lose an extra 15, specially since rumor has it I am going for a stay in the hospital to detox off all the prescription meds doctors have been prescribing to see if it is them that is making me so sick--and remember I said it was those meds that helped me lose most the weight, so lets hope I don't put them plus more back on when they take me off them

Meagan and John said...

sorry, I didn't mean that response to be so long--really just wanted to say GREaT JUMP and thanks for being such an inspiration

DaveandRuth said...

If you find a good solution for flabby arms, let me know! Good job!

Tobi said...

Great job Cat! I'm so proud of you for sticking to your guns. It's so major that you've lost 43 big ones!! Congrats!!

p.s. I would LOVE to see Ben's face when you pick him up for Christmas. That would be stellar.

Wendy said...

Seriously the best way to get rid of flabby arms is to do strength training. Find the exercises to do, and how to do them... and get to it, and your arms will look great before you know it.

Our Family said...

This is so great, Cat! You are totally going to reach your goal, and then some!

Single Mama NYC said...

WOW, I wish I could eat more and lose weight, lol. You're amazing, Cat - great job! I'm curious, how tall are you? I barely make it to 5'5", but you look like you might be a little taller than me.

Lazenby Family News said...

okay, I need to join! I know you probably don't remember me or how we connected. you are so wonderful. I'm losing my weight because some weird Arizona daughter got this idea of Jackpot weight loss, yes money is involved. but I joined because I really need to lose weight and fix my broken knee-caps. I gained a bunch, before I could start standing on my legs. I do water aerobics. I just think posting your cute Fat Butt (oops) on my page will help me. love you bunches! Susan aka tezra