Saturday, October 3, 2009

Daddy Nut Visits DC

I haven't written a Daddy Nut update in a while. Mostly because not much is going on with him.

He graduated from basic training last month, and has been in the DC area doing his engineering training. He loves it!Today, they got to go into Washington DC for a ceremony on the steps of the Capital Building, where they quickly became a tourist attraction. Ben felt like one of the characters at Disneyland when random people wanted their picture taken with him.I think the highlight of his little excursion was the Smithsonian visit to the Air and Space museum. He said that he really enjoyed all the stuff there, and was thrilled to see some of the machines/ robots displayed that he is currently training to use.

He said that his favorite part was all the people that walked up to him to thank him for his service. It was his first real time among civilians since he left for basic training and it made him feel good about what he is doing for our country.AND he shaved his head. REALLY shaved his head. I told him he looked like Lex Luther or even a bit like Captian Picard; and he had better have a little hair when he comes home, or I will cut my long blond locks in retaliation. That worked. I'm not a fan of the Ben with shiny head look.... sorry, sweetie!

Only 2 1/2 months until we get him for two weeks for Christmas! I can hardly wait!!

PS -- You may have noticed that I have lost a few followers, and don't seem to be gaining a lot like I used to. And know what? It's okay. I actually don't care too much anymore. Besides my feeds are way up. I have a lot of faithful readers who don't blog and "follow" but read me everyday. I have about 300 visits a day now... which is doing pretty well I think! I just don't have the time to go out and find followers and join other blogs -- my kids are busy driving me up the wall. Just today, Nephi invaded the food storage again and drank 6 boxes of juice -- which resulted in blaster pants all evening; Sammy broke my new back-scratcher -- number 2, he broke number 1 first. My car didn't pass inspection the other day and the guy fixing it went into the hospital last night so I can't get it back until Mon. Meanwhile I am hauling the kids around in a 1986 Chevy Nova with shifty seatbelts in the back... I pray a lot in that car... AND I have family coming this weekend, so I have been cleaning, recleaning, and re-recleaning the house. It's not just today, my whole life has been this way since Ben left. AND here's the kicker: I am working on a novel again. We'll see how it goes this time.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


One Cluttered Brain said...

Hope you have a fabulous weekend watching General conference. Good luck on your novel. I am writing one too.
Followers are overrated anyway. I have people who come and read and don't follow too. it is just a preference some people have. That's ok too...
Toodle loo!!! Happy maintaining your weight!

Lydia said...

I agree with you on the shaved head thing, I do love the way my hubby sides of his head feel the day that he gets his hair cut but please leave some on top.

Jill said...

I'm gonna have to concur about the bald head. Sorry Ben.

And not fun about the blaster pants due to too much juice. That's no fun.

Cynthia said...

I'm so glad people are thanking him for serving. I try and do that when I get the chance too.

As for the followers thing- it really depends on what your blog is about. The posts that get the most hits/bring the most traffic to my blog are my crafty tutorial ones- and my Cake Bites post. I suspect review/give away posts are the same in terms of generating traffic.

However, those readers come, read, go. The personal posts on my blog generate less GENERAL interest but a lot more personal interest.

I suspect that when you had a lot of reviews/giveaways going, you lost a few of the readers who were reading for your life ancedotes and gained others who were interested in the giveaways.

Farmer*swife said...

Don't worry about the followers lists. They look great and feel great to see those big numbers; but, blogger bleeps out sometimes.

And, like you said, you have hundreds of daily hits and your stats are good.

More importantly, what a great update on your husband. Again, I too appreciate the sacrifice your family and other military families are making so that my kids can continue to run FREE on the farm.

Happy Sunday!

Chief said...

Hey! I found you from Mormon Moms Who Blog! I am a new follower!

Our Family said...

I'm so glad that Ben gets to go home to you guys for Christmas! Yay! Also, I have to say that the term "blaster pants" is really funny and conjures up of a very specific and familiar image. :o)

Tobi said...

There's no accounting for blog followers. Sometimes I have 16 comments and sometimes I only have 4. Who is knowing why?

Get used to random strangers coming up to thank your hubby and yourself for your service to your country. It happens a lot when my hubby and I travel. I'm sorry that you won't get to see your hubs until Christmas. That seems so far off. =(

Single Mama NYC said...

Blaster pants, LOL. Sorry, I know I'm not supposed to laugh at that but, LOL. :-)

I know what you mean about the followers. It's hard to accept sometimes but what's important is that we love to blog, and that the connections we DO make are genuine. Like ours! :-)