Wednesday, September 23, 2009

They are Watching...

When your kids aren't quite talking yet, sometimes we really don't think about what they are really absorbing, the tips they are picking up from you before it's... well, just too late to repair damages.

Like the time Nephi, who wasn't putting two words together yet, overheard my mom yelling at her dogs for some reason and heard a word. A good word. And filed that word away in his little head, only to pull it out in front of my mother-in-law later that afternoon.

"He did NOT get that from ME!" I said in my defense. Then my loving, to-honest-for-his-own-good, husband said: "He got it from your mom!"

Great. Sorry, mom!

My sister tells me story after story about her kids and what they do just because they see her doing it.

One time, Sammy had pulled up a chair to the kitchen sink and was standing there facing towards it and away from us shrugging his shoulders like crazy.

"What is he doing?" I asked my husband.

"He is doing what he thinks you do at the sink. From his view, when you wash the dishes, you are only shrugging your shoulders." We had a good laugh over that one.

Then comes the reason for this post.

Yesterday, I was playing a Sherlock Holmes computer game -- entertainment to help me get my mind off of how badly I miss my man! Anyway, it seem pretty harmless and Nephi was sitting on the bed behind me watching me solve the case. Then suddenly there was a knock on the door, just as I triggered a movie sequence in the game. I jumped up and ran for the door, leaving Nephi to watch the show.

Big mistake.

When I got back in, it was just ending. There was this dead guy and a huge spider-thing came exploding out of his stomach like on Alien. Nephi was mortified!

"Yucky Yucky, mommy!!!" He cried. And he kept saying it over and over and pointing to the computer. I felt soooo bad!! I totally hadn't seen it coming. I hope he didn't have nightmares tonight!

I quickly turned off the game and distracted him with some cartoons. Crisis over... or so I thought.

Later that afternoon, the boys were being really quiet in the front room, so I went in to investigate. Nephi and Sam were sitting on the floor, and Nephi had this shoe box and was showing Sam something in the box. I eased closer to see the show.

"Sammy, yucky yucky here!" Nephi then pointed to the shoe box, Sam was watching it intently. Slowly, Nephi opened the box and his stuffed monkey was inside. Nephi then made his monkey slowly come out of the box. "Yucky Yucky Spider," Nephi explained to Sam. "Computer..."

Oh. My. Gosh. He was reenacting the computer game scene with his shoe box and monkey for Sam! Ok, that is it! From here on, I am really going to monitor what my kids are seeing.... seriously!!! No more monkeys in a shoe boxes... great, now I am going to have nightmares!

Now, you have to share what you see your kids doing that you do, or they have seen on TV!


Jill said...

I have yet to have my kids re-enact a scene from a movie. But my little boy will see a shape and say the shape's name and then say "I'm a shape searcher." Apparently he's watched that episode of Blues Clues a few times. ;)

The other thing I don't like is the commercials between the shows. My 6 year old is always coming and begging for this or that. Oh how clever those ad execs are!!!!

Micaela L. Hess said...

You are a great mom, Catherine. And it's wonderful that you are careful with what your kids watch. The computer game was just an accident. At least you care. Too many parents these days don't care enough about what their kids see, and then they wonder why they act out violently or swear or have nightmares...I won't even let my kids watch Spongebob. Thank goodness we only get the local channels!

And personally, I think that even though toddlers don't understand much of what they see, they have a spiritual sense of when something is wrong or represents something that is evil. I was reminded of this yesterday at the grocery store when a boy put on a Halloween mask and scared his poor little sister to tears. He thought it was hilarious; I, on the other hand, did not. Poor girl!

Meagan and John said...

When Dominic was working and I was working evenings as a flight attendant I was unaware that my son and husband would spend their evenings at home watching the simpsons and the family guy--needless to say when my son wasn't yet 3 I went into the bathroom one afternoon to emerge and find that my son was nowhere in the house--thinking he had gone into the backyard I checked there, nope, no dominic, I freaked out and ran out into the front yard hoping someone migt have seen what happened to my toddler son only to see him and our dog on the other side of the road investigating a fire hydrant--I flipped out and yelled at him and he got in serious trouble.

Well the next day I didn't think anything about running to the bathroom, yet again leaving my son unattended with the "puppy" we had at the time, only to find that upon my return from the bathroom Dominic was no where to be seen, and this time when I ran outside he wasn't by the fire hydrant, I paniced and yelled my son's name at the top of my lungs and he finally came running from the park down the street, I was so scared I stopped him in the middle of the road to spank him and yelled at him and yet again explained that he couldn't go for a walk across the street by himself--well he pointed out to me that he had "disptick" (the puppy's name), so I realized I had to specify that the puppy didn't count and was a baby himself, and that he needed mommy or daddy with him.

A few days later I was channel surfing and quickly passed up the family guy only to have DOminic flip out and so I changed back and sure enough it was the family guy he wanted to watch, I watched for a second and then told him that was a naughty show and distracted him with something else.

It was a few days after that when I was cleaning and dominic and JOhn were watching TV together and to my horror it was the family guy, John points out how they watch it all the time, I wasn't happy but figured whatever and got back to what i was doing and then later joined them to watch an episode of the simpsons (another show I hate but that they love) and it was an episode where maggy and Santa's helper ran away together and saved Homer after he was kidnapped at work, suddenly the connection was made, and both shows have been successfully banned from our house due to the "influence" it has on our son, Spongebob for the same reason when we started having issues with Dominic putting stuff in his eyes only to discover in an episode of spongebob, he puts stuff in his eyes and everyone thought he was funny and was his friends because of it.

we are always pointing out ot dominic when a behavior is unacceptable and if we ever "accidentally" allow him to view something he shouldn't we point out how that wasn't right, or how they were naughty, and then point out the consequences or what not and try to turn it into a learning experience.

But yes, Dominic's behavior has improved drastically since we banned those shows from our house